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VISCOLAM PS 166 is a pseudoplastic, low-medium shear modifier polyurethane based thickener, with good balance in terms of thickening, leveling and gloss development.It is a nonionic water soluble polyurethane.VISCOLAM PS166 can be particularly recommended for use in light water diluted enamel, paint and anti-corrosion paint.Viscolam PS 166 can be anti-microbial degradation.

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VISCOLAM PS 167 is a nonionic water soluble polyurethane. It is used for glossy water thinnable enamels, emulsion paints. VISCOLAM PS 167 gives better flowing, levelling and antispattering performance.

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VISCOLAM PS 202 is a polytether polyurethane thickener. It is a newtonian rheology modifier with excellent flow and leveling, gloss development. VISCOLAM PS 202 is stable over a wide range of pH.

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WINCOAT WT-MPAQ is one step aqueous film coating system which gives high level of moisture protection and improved final product stability combined with fast coating process times. It gives moisture protection to Allopathic, Herbal, Ayurvedic and Enzymatic Products.WINCOAT WT-MPAQ is recommended for hygroscopic products which are sensitive to moisture.

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WINCOAT WT-QCAQ is fastest aqueous film coating with its low viscosity can be reconstituted up to 25 % w/w suspension. The projected bed temperature for coating is as low as 35°C-40°C. WINCOAT WT-QCAQ is easy to handle, no stickiness during coating and easy cleaning of coating equipment. WINCOAT WT-QCAQ can be used in conventional as well as Auto coater.

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World RHEO 3452

World RHEO 3452 is modified organo clay, designed especially for use in solvent base and oil base system. It can be used widely in solvents and oils from low polarity to medium-high polarity. World RHEO 3452 disperses under high shear and requires a polar activator for the best efficiency. It exerts strong film reinforcing action in organic binder systems, imparts particle suspension, preventing hard setting of pigment and fillers.

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XPD1180/CLI4161 is a solventless, low viscosity,Two component Polyurethane system specifically designed for casting transformers, coils & electronic components.

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XRD1103/XHD1104 is a filled,room temperature cure,two component epoxy system.The product is suitable for potting & encapsulating electrical & electronic components.

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XRD1347/XHD1348 is a very low viscosity, user friendly, room temperature cure, soft epoxy system.

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