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Michem Guard 349

Michem Guard 349 is designed to impart rub resistance, block resistance and matting properties to aqueous paints, coatings and inks.

Micorcheck MZ 90

Micorcheck MZ 90 is used as an dry film preservative in paints.

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Microcheck MZ 27

Microcheck MZ 27 is used as an dry film preservative in paints.

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Microcheck MZ 33

Microcheck MZ 33 is serves as an adhesives,preservative for paints. It is specialized microbiocides and polymers for construcion industry.

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Microcheck MZ 36

Microcheck MZ 36 is serves an adhesive,antimicrobial agent for fibres and cloth. It is also used as an preservative in starch and natural gum, wet state and dry films, and for aqueous formulations. It is specilized microbiocides for leather chemicals.

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Microcheck MZ 3H

Microcheck MZ 3H is a preservatives for aqueous formulations.It is serves as a formaldehyde donor.It is specialized microbiocides for leather chemicals, polymers and construction chemicals.

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Mowilith DM 7410

Mowilith DM 7410 is a plasticizer-free aqueous dispersion based on acrylic and methacrylic acid esters and styrene. It is used in gloss paints, wood stains and corrosion protection primers.

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NUOSPERSE FA 196 is a highly concentrated liquid pigment dispersing agent for application in organic solvent-borne systems. It is especially recommended for application as a dispersing agent for carbon black, for thermoplastic acrylic systems and as an auxiliary product to improve the action of universal tinting pastes in basic alkyd paints. It is applicable in practically all organic solvent-borne paint and ink systems.

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NUOSPERSE FN 265 is a unique non-ionic, amphiphilic wetting agent and emulsifier designed to replace traditionally used alkyl phenol ethoxylates. It is used in the paint industry as pigment wetting agents, emulsifiers and stabilisers. It can be used as an effective replacement for the most widely used APE in paints.

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