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Highly Efficient Anti-Settling Additive.The main function of Y-25MS is the prevention of hard settling. As is the case with all anti-settling additives,Y-25MS will be soft and easily reincorporated. Y-25MS does not significantly increase package viscosity at normal use levels.

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ADDITOL leveling agent gives smoother films with fewer imperfections and better appearance compared to unmodified coatings. It acts as a necessary ingredient in many modern surface coating formulations. It improve flow and leveling, eliminate craters and fisheyes, reduce orange peel and pinholes, enhance substrate wetting, facilitate air and volatile release, aid in pigment dispersion, maintain substrate and recoat adhesion, improve slip, and therefore, mar resistance. ADDITOL products are silicone based for particularly difficult substrate wetting problems.


ADGEL P is a modified guar gum specially developed for water base paints. ADGEL P grades for paint applications are eco-friendly in nature and exists excellent rheological properties. The product being a non-ionic in nature is well stable with different chemicals and ingredients used in water borne paints. It has better levelling & scrub resisting properties. It is easily dispersed and solubilized in the water and uniformly mixed in the paint formulations. It can be used alone or in combination with cellulose ethers.

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AKTIFIT is an activated Silfit Z 91. It is produced by modifying the surface with functional silanes.


AKTISIL is the term for a number of special fillers, which are prepared by treating the surface of Neuburger silica, particularly with silanes.


Aerosil is pure silicon dioxide, made from vaporized silicon tetrachloride oxidized in high-temperature flame with hydrogen and oxygen. Aggregated amorphous nano-sized primary particles gives free flow to powder materials. It gives thickening effect and thixotropy by dispersing to liquid materials. One of the most important applications of AEROSILĀ® fumed silica in the adhesives and sealants industry is its use as an active reinforcing filler to improve the mechanical properties of silicone sealants.

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Altifil is a hydrated aluminum silicate mineral produced from Newfoundland deposits of the mineral pyrophyllite with Al2O3 grades ranging from 18% to 24%. It imparts strength to fired ceramic products and can be used in refractory, ceramics, dinnerware and sanitary ware applications. Altifil pyrophyllite products exhibit a lower brightness of 89 and are designed for refractory applications or in applications as a functional mineral filler that are not color sensitive, such as automotive under-the-hood plastics, autobody filler, sealants & adhesives, seed coating, asphalt roofing etc.


Boltorn offers a number of dispersing and stabilizing properties for coating applications. Boltorn is used in 2K PU coatings for specialist applications within the automotive industry. Boltorn performance additives for solvent-borne and waterborne architectural coatings and paints help coating formulators comply with environmental demands without compromising performance.


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