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NUOSPERSE FN 270 is a universal pigment wetting and dispersion agent for a wide variety of emulsion paints that provides the wetting and dispersion properties of traditional APEO-containing wetting and dispersion agents but with much easier handling and without the disadvantages of labelling.

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NUOSPERSE FX 504 is a low-foaming, polymeric pigment dispersing agent that works effectively for many hydrophilic pigments and extenders that are used in aqueous coatings. It is suitable for practically all types of aqueous coatings based on polymeric binders. It counteracts flocculation, floating, flooding and pigment settling.

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NUOSPERSE FX 535 is an effective low molecular weight, sodium neutralized, low foaming anionic pigment dispersant for use in coatings. It is an all purpose dispersant that can be used with or without reactive pigments in most paint formulas. The product enhances gloss and aids in color development.

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Neopentyl Glycol

Neopentyl glycol is an organic chemical compound. It is used in the synthesis of polyesters, paints, lubricants, and plasticizers. When used in the manufacture of polyesters, it enhances the stability of the product towards heat, light, and water.

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Pigment Black 11

Pigment Black 11 is a pigment used in paints, coatings, concrete products, plastic, rubber etc.

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Pigment Black 28

Pigment Black 28 is a pigment used in dyes & paints.

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Pigment Brown 24

Pigment brown 24 is a pigment used in dyes & paints.

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Pigment Green 17

Pigment Green 17 is a pigment used in paints & dyes.

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Pigment Green 36

Pigment Green 36 is a green coloured powder widely used in printing inks,paints and plastic industry.

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