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3-methoxy butanol

3-Methoxybutanol is a flammable, colorless, neutral liquid with a mild odor. It is miscible with water and is commonly used in organic solvents.

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AMBERLAC 13802-E2 is a dehydrated castor oil based acrylic modified alkyd supplied in tertiary butyle acetate and Aromatic 100 solvents.

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AROFLINT 303-X-90 is an oxirane-modified ester supplied at 90% solids in xylene. It is used in combination with high acid value polyesters such as AROFLINT 252 Z1-60, 404-XX-60, D808-XD-71, 809, or 810 at various ratios to yield high performance coatings where excellent appearance and toughness are required.

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Aerosil® R 812 S

A fumed silica aftertreated with HMDS based on AEROSIL® 300. It is used in paints and coatings systems, adhesives and sealants and in silicone rubber.

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