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Rheoflow DXW-4040

Rheoflow DXW-4040 is based on a water soluble high molecular weight polymer. It has execllent anticratering and dispersing power with good levelling properties.

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Rokracure VP 4799

Rokracure VP 4799 is binder for radiation curing systems with good curing properties, the films show high elasticity and a special haptic behavior.

SCHWEGO wett 6296

SCHWEGO wett 6296 is a VOC-free wetting and dispersing additive for water-based coating systems. It shows excellent dispersing properties for white and inorganic pigments and was especially developed for dispersion of extenders.

Synthalat PWL 819

Synthalat PWL 819 is a urethane modified, amine- and ammonia-free long oil alkyd emulsion for the universal usage in wood glazing. Synthalat PWL 819 is recommended for cobalt-free fast-drying coatings.

Synthalat QL 2297

Synthalat QL 2297 is high-Solid long-oil alkyd for high-grade decorative paints.

Syntholux BW 2102

Syntholux BW 2102 is used for radiation curable UV-Dispersion with an excellent chemical resistance and good mattability as well for pigmented coatings.

Tego® Foamex 823

Tego® Foamex 823 is an emulsion of a polyether siloxane copolymer, contains fumed silica. It is used particularly for waterborne formulations. It can be used universally in clear and pigmented formulations.

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ULTRASOLVE M 1200 is a solvent widely used for thinners, automotive, industrial, wood coatings and paints formulations. It provides optimum solubilization and is an excellent active solvent. It helps reduce the evaporation rate, while guaranteeing the presence of the active solvent throughout the drying process. ULTRASOLVE M 1200 is an excellent solvent for paints and thinners for flexographic printing. It provides formulations with low toxicity and greater efficiency, reducing evaporation losses during application. It gives the film excellent leveling and sheen characteristics in wood paint formulations.

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2-Aminonaphthalenewhite to reddish colored solid in the form of flakes. Slightly soluble in hot water and denser than water.It is listed as a known human carcinogen,used in manufacturing of dyes, as antioxidant in rubber.Used to make dyes and agricultural chemicals.

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2-Benzyloxyethanol is a glycol ether used in paint and decorating.

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