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Rheoflow VIS-750

Rheoflow VIS-750 reduces plastisol viscosity of inorganic, organic pigments and fillers.

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Ricinoleic Acid

Ricinoleic Acid also called as castor oil acid, belongs to a family of the unsaturated fatty acid. It is used in textile finishing, coating, inks and in making soaps.

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Rokracure VP 4799

Rokracure VP 4799 is binder for radiation curing systems with good curing properties, the films show high elasticity and a special haptic behavior.

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Ruthenium Chloride Hydrate Industrial Grade 99%

Ruthenium chloride hydrate is dark brown crystalline powder, which is a precious metal compound. It has corrosivity and tend to deliquesce, which have strong hygroscopicity. But it is stable at room temperature and pressure.It is soluble in water, alcohol,  acetone and ethyl acetate, which decompose in hot water. Ruthenium(III) chloride trihydrate has two variants, which are both orange crystalline powder.

Ruthenium Chloride Hydrate

CAS No.:14898-67-0 EINECS No.:233-167-5 Molecular Formula:RuCl3.H2O Molecular Weight:225.44
UN 3260 8/PG 2 Ru≥37%    


Ruthenium(III) chloride hydrate applies to heterogeneous catalysis or homogeneous catalysis, anode of electroplating and electrolysis. It is important chemical raw material for electronic industry. It is also catalyst of oxidizing reaction.

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SCHWEGO fluor 6523 / 6536

SCHWEGO fluor 6523 / 6536 is based on C4-technology. SCHWEGO fluor 6523 / 6536 products are free of PFOS and PFOA. These are effective wetting additives for solvent borne and water-based coating systems.

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SCHWEGO inhibitor EL 2611

SCHWEGO inhibitor EL 2611 is primarily a rust converting additive for water based coating systems. It can be used undiluted as a pre-treatment product against residual rust on iron and steel surfaces.

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SCHWEGO wett 6264 / 6267

SCHWEGO wett 6264 / 6267 are wetting and dispersing additives for solvent borne coating systems with 100% active matter. These can be used to disperse organic and inorganic pigments, as well as pigment concentrates and highly filled systems.

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SCHWEGO wett 6294 / 6295

SCHWEGO wett 6294 / 6295 are wetting and dispersing additives for water-based coating systems. These can be used to disperse organic and inorganic pigments in high solid content and high PVC systems.

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