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4-Tert-Butylphenol is used to synthesize antioxidants and intermediate in the production of varnish and lacquer resins.

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AMBERLAC 1074-V-60

AMBERLAC 1074-V-60 is a vinyl toluene/vegetable oil copolymer which cures by oxidation at ambient and elevated temperatures in the presence of metallic driers. It offers fast dry, high gloss, excellent spray properties and more.

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AROFLINT 252-Z1-60

AROFLINT 252-Z1-60 is a high-solids, vinyl toluene copolymer soya alkyd resin supplied at 80% non-volatile in xylene. It offers high gloss and good color retention.

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AROFLINT 404-XX-60 is a high acid value polyester supplied at 60% solids in an exempt solvent blend. It is used in combination with an oxirane-modified ester such as AROFLINT 303-X-90, AROFLINT 608 or EPOTUF 607 at various ratios to yield high performance coatings where excellent appearance, durability and toughness are required.

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Alpha SlipGuard GF

Alpha SlipGuard GF is a single component, VOC Compliant, high build,high flex ultra tough waterproof floor coating.It is engineered for the most extreme environments from freezing cold temperatures to the hottest climates around the world. It is capable of withstanding abrasion, UV, chemicals, hot tire pick-up, and submersible applications.

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Aquabactishield HM

Aquabactishield HM a water based anti-bacterial coating for hospital, clinic, schools and laboratory. It reacts and eliminates range of bacteria upon contact.

BYK-Synergist 2102

BYK-Synergist 2102 is an additive in powder form. It boosts the performance of polymeric wetting and dispersing additives and thus reduces viscosity of the pigment concentrate, depending on pigment type and treatment of the pigment surface. This way, higher pigment content in the pigment concentrate is possible. It also increases gloss, improves color strength, increases transparency and reduces flooding/floating. It is specially suitable for polar systems such as alcohol-based cellulose nitrate flexographic inks.

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Benzyl Ethyl Ether

Ethylbenzyl ether is a colourless oily liquid with a powerful, fruity, rather sharp aroma.It is a combustible liquid used in organic synthesis and as a flavoring.

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Butyl Methacrylate

Butyl Methacrylate is a base material for coatings and adhesives. It is used in resins, solvent, coatings, adhesives, oil additives, dental products, textile emulsions, leather and paper finishing.

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CMC Painting Grade

Product Name: Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC-Na, CMC) Synonym Name: Sodium salt of carboxymethyl ether of cellulose; CMC; Na CMC; cellulose gum; sodium CMC; Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium CAS No.: 9004-32-4 INS: 466 As protective colloid, CMC will heighten stability of emulsion polymerization system to evenly scatter the additive of pigment and filler, etc. Into painting so as to impart it will good pigment adhesion effect. CMC can evidently improve the viscosity of painting latex, anti-splash and sag resistance of painting in order for enhancing the workability of painting. Specification Appearance: White or slightly yellow fine powder Purity: 60% to 99% Viscosity (2%, 25?): 100 to 1200mPa.s Degree of Substitution: ?0.5 PH Value: 6.0 to 10.0 Moisture: ?10% We can produce CMC exactly according to customers' specification and special usage. Package 25kg kraft paper bag, or other packing as clients request. Storage: In a cool, dry, clean, ventilated environment.

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