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Cobalt Naphthenate

Cobalt Naphthenate is a cobalt source that is soluble in organic solvents as an organometallic compound. It is the cobalt salt of naphthenic acids.Cobalt Naphthenate is commonly used in various catalysts and catalytic reagents for organic synthesis. It is also used primarily in unsaturated polyester resins, paint drier applications and rubber adhesion promotion in the tire industry.

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Delta Fastrack 200

Delta Fastrack 200 is a two component, hand applied, solvent free,selflevelling, polyurethane based,elastomeric coating. It is used in areas where a fast curing, waterproofing coating is needed.

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Dimethyl Carbonate

Dimethyl Carbonate is a solvent of both extraction and reaction used in many industries, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, hydrocarbon refinery, paint and coatings and fragrances etc. It is used as a methylation and carbonylation agent in organic synthesis and as a fuel and lube additive.

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Ethyl acetoacetate

Ethyl acetoacetate is a organic compound ethyl acetoacetate is the ethyl ester of acetoacetic acid. It is mainly used as a chemical intermediate in the production of a wide variety of compounds, such as amino acids, analgesics, antibiotics, antimalarial agents, antipyrine and aminopyrine, and vitamin B1; as well as the manufacture of dyes, inks, lacquers, perfumes, plastics, and yellow paint pigments. Alone, it is used as a flavoring for food.

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Futura-Bond 610 HS

Futura‑Bond 610 HS a high solids, two component, standard cure, urethane primer. Specifically formulated to provide excellent anti-corrosive properties and to accept fast set and standard cure high build polyurethane or polyurea topcoats.

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HYDROSHINE WS 3003 is SiO2 encapsulation for use in water-based coatings.

Hydroshine WS 3004

Hydroshine WS 3004 is SiO2 encapsulation for use in water-based coatings.

Isophorone Diamine

Isophorone diamine is used in plastics, oil-modified and moisture-area types of urethane coatings, polyamides for printing inks, dimer acids, textiles, lubricant additive as scale and corrosion inhibitor, epoxy curing agent, isocyanates, water treatment chemicals, biocides, and pharmaceutical intermediates.

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KELSOL 3906-B2G-75

KELSOL 3906-B2G-75 is a water-dispersible alkyd designed to give excellent corrosion resistance as well as early water-spot resistance. It offers good humidity and water resistance.

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KELSOL 3939-WG4-45

KELSOL 3939-WG4-45 is a chemically modified linseed oil supplied as a neutralized solution in water and co solvent.

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