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SYNERGEN 718 is a lighter coating for internal surfaces which is designed to provide long term protection. It possesses de-watering properties which chase moisture from the surface. It works via a thin film protection, no slumping or blocking, is compatible and non-contaminant with produced hydrocarbons so no removal is required from surface prior to use.

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Samarium Metal Purified 99.9%

Samarium metal is silvery white metal crystal, which is available in powder, foil, rod, sheet, granule and sputtering target. It is hard as iron and own good ductility, but poor electric conductivity. Sm metal is relatively stable in dry air, however in moisture air, the surface oxidize and forms oxide layer. Samarium powder is soluble in water, however insoluble in water, which tends to self ignite. Sm metal easily compound with non-metallic element, for example samarium nitridesamarium hydridesamarium boridesamarium sulfide. There are two production methods, reduction method and distillation method. The distilled samarium piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced one.

Samarium Metal

Purity: Sm/REM 99.9% 3N

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:7440-19-9 EINECS No.:231-128-7 Molecular Formula:Sm Molecular Weight:150.36
Density:7.533 Melting Point:1072℃ Boiling Point:1900℃  


Samarium metal uses to make permanent magnets, carbon arc lamp, infrared absorbing glass,neutron absorber of reactor. Calcium oxide crystal doped with Sm can use as laser material. Samarium powder is raw material for production of samarium diiodide and various alloys. It play a part in many organic reactions too.

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Samarium Oxide Industrial Grade 99.9%

Samarium oxide is white with faint yellow powder, which is rare earth oxide. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in acid. Sm2O3 is stable at room temperature and pressure, which absorb CO2 and moist in air.

Samarium Oxide

CAS No.:12060-58-1 EINECS No.:235-043-6 Molecular Formula:Sm2O3 Molecular Weight:348.72
Density:8.347 Melting Point:2269℃ Boiling Point:3790℃ Refractive Index:1.97


Samarium(III) oxide is mainly for production of samarium metal, Co-Sm series permanent magnet material, electronic parts and ceramic capacitor. It is also additive for glass that absorbing infrared ray and coating of photosensitive material.

In chemical industry, samarium trioxide is also a kind of catalyst.

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Sapetin D 27

Sapetin D 27 is an almost neutral and odourless aqueous solution of modified phosphonic acid salts.Sapetin D 27 has a highly negative charge;it is adsorbed to filler and pigment surfaces and thus creates a repulsion effect between the single particles, so that highly concentrated dispersions with reasonable viscosity can be produced.Sapetin D 27 is a dispersant for mineral fillers, e.g.kaolins, calcium carbonate minerals, metal oxide pigments, etc.It is also a plasticizer for self-levelling floor finishes, ceramic compounds, concrete-bonding mortars, cement finishing coats, and cement products.Sapetin D 27 must be protected from frost during storage. Its shelf life in the original containers is at least one year.

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Sarpu M20

Sarpu M20 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and has outstanding dispersion properties.Sarpu M20 can be used in antibacterial paper and leather coatings.

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Sarpu T20

Sarpu T20 is a colloid silver nanometer particle. It acts as an antibacterial agent. Sarpu T20 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and has outstanding dispersion properties. Sarpu T20 is used in antibacterial paper and leather coatings.

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Sarpu X20

Sarpu X20 is a colloid silver nanometer particle. Sarpu X20 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and has outstanding dispersion properties and can be used in antibacterial paper and leather coatings.

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Savinex 29y40

Savinex 29y40 is a ready to use superior quality polymer emulsion that aids adhesion, improves tensile strength and water resistance when added to cement mortars and slurries. Savinex 29y40 is ideal to add to cement upon interior and exterior use.

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