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Polane Plus Sealer

Polane Plus Sealer is a 3.5 lb/gal VOC complying two-package polyurethane suitable for use as a primer or as a primer sealers on metal, plastic, and wood. It promotes good salt spray, humidity and chemical resistance on metal surfaces when topcoated with Polane enamels. Polane Plus Sealer is having excellent impact and chemical resistance, holdout for full gloss topcoats, resistance to machine tool cutting oils.

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Poly(caprolactone) is a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer derived from the chemical synthesis of crude oil.It is prepared by ring opening polymerization of E-caprolactone using a catalyst such as stannous octanoate.It is used mainly in thermoplastic polyurethanes, resins for surface coatings, adhesives and synthetic leather and fabrics,splinting, modeling, and as a feedstock for prototyping systems,in root canal filling.

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Polyman – 4010Na

Polyman – 4010Na is a sodium salt of acrylic homo-polymer (sodium polyacrylate) used for various water treatment applications and industrial applications. The product is working excellently over wide range of pH and temperature as well as high hardness of water without precipitation. Apart from thermal stability, the product has good stability over oxidizing agent like chlorine. The product is non-phosphorus; non-foaming dispersant and has good environmental acceptability.

Sika Permacor-1705

Sika Permacor-1705 is a single pack primer, universally applicable as corrosion protection on shot blasted steel.

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Sika Unitherm 7854

Sika Unitherm 7854 is a high build single pack topcoat, specially designed for Sika Unitherm intumescent fire protection systems. Sika Unitherm 7854 is used on structural steelwork exposed to weathering and/or decorative reasons. Sika Unitherm 7854 has no impact on the formation of the heat insulating foam of the intumescent coating. Sika Unitherm 7854 is applicable on all Sika Unitherm intumescent coating systems for steel and used for steel members exposed to weathering.

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Strontium Chromate

Strontium chromate is used as rust- and corrosion-resistant pigment in paints, varnishes and oil colors. It is used in water based wash primers, metal conditioners or in aluminium flake coatings, either alone or in combination with basic zinc chromate. Strontium chromate has also been used as an additive to control the sulfate content of solutions in electrochemical processes.

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Sudaperm Pink 2997

Sudaperm Pink 2997 is bluish red transparent shade pigment. It is suitable for all types of coatings application. Sudaperm Pink 2997 has out-standing fastness to light and weathering at a very wide range of concentrations.

Tego® Dispers 610

Tego® Dispers 610 is a coflocculating wetting and dispersing additive for inorganic pigments and fillers.

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Triethylenediamine is the adduct of a benzoic acid derivative. It is a polyurethane and Baylis-Hillman reaction catalyst, complexing ligand and Lewis base.It is used as catalyst in making urethane foams,polyurethane coatings.It is also used for soft and rigid foams.

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Turboset Ultra Pro

Turboset Ultra Pro waterborne polyurethane dispersion polymer is ideal for wood sports and recreational floors providing superior durability against scruffs and black heel marks.

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