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Cyclohexyl Acrylate

Cyclohexyl Acrylate is a monomer acrylate,widely used in coatings and adhesives.It is also used in preparation of acrylic resins ,paints and lacquers.

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Desmodur N 75 MPA/X

Desmodur N 75 MPA/X is an aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI biuret) used as the hardener component for lightfast polyurethane coating systems.

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MIL-C-16173 Grade 1

MIL-C-16173 Grade 1 is a dark colored, high melting point, resilient coating designed to provide long term protection of metal surfaces. MIL-C-16173 Grade 1 is applied as a solution in a volatile solvent. The residual film, after solvent evaporation, is highly resistant to salt water and salt spray.MIL-C-16173 Grade 1 is supplied ready to use to simplify handling and application of the product.

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Sika Unitherm-38091

Sika Unitherm-38091 is a thin film fire protection coating for structural steel work.

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Solvent Yellow 114

Solvent Yellow 114 is mainly used in paints. And it is also used in coloring of plastics and coating.

Strontium Carbonate

Strontium carbonate is the carbonate salt of strontium. The most common use is as an inexpensive colorant in fireworks. It is used for electronic applications. It is used in the preparation of iridescent glass, luminous paints, strontium oxide or strontium salts and in refining sugar. It is widely used in the ceramics industry as an ingredient in glazes. It acts as a flux and also modifies the color of certain metallic oxides. It is also used in the manufacturing of strontium ferrites for permanent magnets which are used in loud speakers and door magnets.

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Sudafast Yellow 127

Sudafast Yellow 127 is highly stable opaque yellow for water base colorants and solvent base alkyd paints.

Tego® AddBond 1270

Tego® AddBond 1270 is a acid polyester resin with universal solubility and compatibility. It improves adhesion and prevents corrosion in solventborne or waterborne coatings.

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Triphenyl Phosphite

Triphenyl Phosphite is a clear liquid, used as a performance additive to improve the colour and clarity of alkyd resin, unsaturated polyester resin and various industrial oils during their manufacture.The manufacture of various resins involves the use of high temperatures, usually in excess of 150° C. At these temperature the reaction mass tends to get coloured due to oxidation. Triphenyl Phosphite acts as an anti-oxidant and prevents colour formation of the finished product, as a result of which better quality resins are obtained.Triphenyl Phosphite found applications in paints & coatings as a stabilizer, regulate Viscosity and improve colour stability of Polymers (including) Adhesives, Styrenics, Engineering, Thermoplastics, Polymers.

Trisodium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate is a cleaning agent, food additive,stain remover and degreaser.It is also used in formulations for a wide variety of consumer grade soaps and detergents.It is also used as emulsifier, nutrition intensifier, quality modifier, or used in the refining of sugar and a-starch, or used as the detergent of food bottle and jar, etc

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