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Levanox is a family of aqueous, solvent-free inorganic pigment preparations, comprising selected high-grade inorganic pigments, which can be used in paints and coatings and detergents.


Levanyl products are aqueous, solvent-free organic pigments which are light fast, and possess high brilliance. It is used in different industries which include wood, paper,building, coatings, dyes, pigments.


Metaver is a specially calcined kaolin that reacts with the free Portlandite to form added CSH phases. It makes the cement matrix denser and gives unique properties, e.g. chlorine resistance, reduced efflorescence.


Modarez is an wetting agent substrates for systems in aqueous and solvent mediums, that improve the spreading and adhesion of paints and inks, on difficult surfaces such as plastics or certain metals.


THR-216 is an alumina/zirconium modified rutile pigment produced by the sulfate process.It has high gloss potential,bluer undertone, good coloring ability, high durability and ease of dispersion.

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THR-218 titanium dioxide department of sulfuric acid produced by ZrO2/Al2O3 surface treatment multipurpose white pigment with high hiding power, high-gloss, high weather resistance and good whiteness, good dispersion, widely used in the production of paints, plastics, rubber, leather, printing ink system.

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Texanol is Non-VOC coalescing agent for emulsion paints plasters as well as for all waterborne systems. Eastman Texanol ester alcohol provides the highest level of film integrity at low levels of coalescent, enhancing the performance properties of the paint. Eastman Texanol ester alcohol also works well in a variety of other applications. It is an ideal choice as a retarder solvent for use in coil coatings and high-bake enamels. Eastman Texanol ester alcohol offers a good balance of performance properties for ink applications requiring good open time.


Tri-Rezs are 100% solids polyester polyols developed with the intent to provide our polyurethane dispersion customers with additional tools for formulating solvent-free waterborne polyurethane dispersions for both the coating and adhesive markets.


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