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TRONOX CR-826 is a dense silica/alumina-treated rutile pigment that offers flexibility for multiple applications.TRONOX CR-826 is a universal multipurpose grade combining very good optical properties with very high durability. It has high gloss, easy dispersion, exceptional tinting strength, excellent chalk resistance, and gloss retention in exterior applications. TRONOX CR-826 exhibits very low dispersant demand, a benefit for water-borne systems, as well as low oil absorption and vehicle demand, a benefit for high solids coatings. TRONOX CR-826 is recommended for a wide range of applications including architectural coatings, industrial coatings and powder coatings. In plastic and rubber applications; TRONOX CR-826 offers excellent tinting strength, ease of dispersion and very high exterior durability. It is recommended for exterior plastics applications including vinyl siding, window profiles and fencing, agricultural film and outdoor furniture, where it provides excellent color retention and chalk resistance.

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TRONOX CR-880 is a chloride process, dense silica alumina treated, super durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment grade that is used in coatings, plastics, and rubber applications. It is designed to provide exceptional chalk resistance, and yellowing resistance, as well as gloss and color retention in exterior applications. In addition to its exceptional exterior durability, TRONOX CR-880 offers high gloss, excellent opacifying power, and outstanding dispersibility.TRONOX CR-880 is designed to meet the harshest environmental conditions.

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Tacelene Chem 2024

Tacelene chem 2024 is designed for wide variety of aqueous foaming systems such as water base paint manufacturing.

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Tacelene Chem 2060

Tacelene chem 2060 is non silicon base defoamers for all types of paints and coatings. Foaming often develops in paint system because of wetting agents and other surfactants being used for the emulsion polymerisation and pigments dispersions. Also the thickenings agents used to cause stabilization of foam. During application of emulsion paints, foam development causes the formation of bubbles on the film surface, which may result in deterioration film appearance, corrosion and adhesion.

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Tacelene Chem 2070

Tacelene Chem 2070 designed for wide variety of aqueous foaming systems such as water base paint manufacturing.

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Talc is used in many industries such as paper making, plastic, paint and coatings, rubber, food, electric cable, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics, etc.It is often used for surfaces of lab counter tops and electrical switchboards because of its resistance to heat, electricity and acids. Talc finds use as a cosmetic (talcum powder), as a lubricant, and as a filler in paper manufacture.

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Talc Powder

Talc Powder is common, and it is the softest mineral in the world. That sounds nice and simple, but talc is locked deep within the rock.Talc Powder is a hydrous magnesium silicate mineral with a chemical composition of Although the composition of talc usually stays close to this generalized formula, some substitution occurs.Talc Powder is a very important functional filler in putty made of unsaturated polyester, e.g. for car and truck bodies. It is used here in proportions of upto 60% by weight.The softness of pure talc leads to good sandability of polyester putties. It gives high-quality surface finish after sanding operations.

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Tantalum Metal Industrial Grade 99.9%

Tantalum metal is silvery gray metal of body centered cubic structure, which is extremely hard and ductile. It mainly exist in tantalite with niboium.  It is available in powders, sheets, wires, ingots, granules, foils and sputtering targets. Ta resist corrosion from strong acid, especially to sulfuric acid.

Tantalum Metal

CAS No.: 7440-25-7 EINECS No.: 231-135-5 Molecular Formula: Ta Molecular Weight: 180.948
Melting Point: 3000℃ Boiling Point: 5429℃ Density: 16.6  


Tantalum metal can replace stainless steel in equipment that making various inorganic acids, which have tens times life longer than stainless steel. It can replace noble metal platinum in industries as chemical engineering, electronic and electric.

Tantalum powder process into electrolytic condenser. It forms stable anode oxide film in acid electrolyte. It is also raw material for making transmitting tubes and electric tube parts.

Tantalum can easily process into other shapes, so it act as supplied accessories, heat shield, heater and cooling fin in high temperature vacuum furnace.

Tantalum is raw material for alloys as Ta-W, Ta-W-Hf, Ta-Hf.

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Tego Hammer 501

Tego Hammer 501 is solution of polydimethylsiloxane, excellent hammer finish additive. It is a clear to slightly hazy liquid solution of polydimethylsiloxane. It is a hammertone additive for waterborne and solventborne formulations in industrial coatings. Appearance of the resulting hammer finish also depends on suitable pigmentation of the coating. The addition of Tego Hammer 501 is recommended at the let down stage. Tego Hammer 501 is useful for waterborne and solventborne industrial coating systems.

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Tego® AddBond 1270

Tego® AddBond 1270 is a acid polyester resin with universal solubility and compatibility. It improves adhesion and prevents corrosion in solventborne or waterborne coatings.

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