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Iron (III) Ferrocyanide

Iron (III) ferrocyanide is used in black and bluish inks.It is used in pigments.It is also a popular pigment in paints.It is the basis for laundry bluing.It has been used as an antidote for certain kinds of heavy metal poisoning.

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Isophorone Diisocyanate

Isophorone diisocyanate is an organic compound in the class known as isocyanates. More specifically, it is an aliphatic diisocyanate. Aliphatic diisocyanates are used, not in the production of polyurethane foam, but in special applications, such as enamel coatings which are resistant to abrasion and degradation from ultraviolet light. These properties are particularly desirable in, for instance, the exterior paint applied to aircraft.

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Pripol Dimer fatty acid

Pripol dimer fatty acids are obtained by the conversion of unsaturated fatty acids into a molecule with 36 carbon atoms, making it the longest dioic acid available. This hydrocarbon nature makes the dimer fatty acid and derived polymers extremely hydrophobic.

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Tinuvin Light Absorbers

Tinuvin Light Absorbers are designed to protect and extend the lifetime of coatings. Tinuvin Light Absorbers are categorised into two types of light stabilizers: Ultraviolet Light Absorbers (UVA) and Hindered-Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS). Based on the nature of the light absorbing unit, several types of UVA are commercially available. Benzotriazoles offer the broadest spectral coverge.

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2-Hydroxypropyl Acrylate

2-Hydroxypropyl Acrylate is a monomer used in the manufacture of thermosetting resins for surface coatings.

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Beckopox® EP 2384W/57WA

Beckopox EP 2384w is a type 1 solid epoxy resin as aqueous dispersion. Formulated together with suitable curing agents such as Beckopox EH 623w, EH 659w, VEH 2188w or VEH 2177w it results in rapid drying coating systems for mineral and metal substrates. The rapid drying property makes it possible to apply more coats within one working day.

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Bis(2-Chloroethyl) ether

Bis(2-Chloroethyl) ether has been used as a solvent, a chemical intermediate and as a soil fumigant.It is also used in cleaning compounds, paints and textile finishing.

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Bismuth Metal USP 99.99%

bismuth metal ingot, powder, piece, lump, target, powder, granule, wire, foil, plate

Bi 99.99%

semiconductor, welding

Bisomer Hydroxy Monomers

Bisomer Hydroxy Monomers are used extensively in the production of acrylic polyols for automotive OEM and refinish coatings as well as industrial coatings. Bisomer Hydroxy Monomers are also used as co-monomers in styrene based unsaturated polyesters, PMMA based acrylic resins and vinyl ester formulations in anchor bolts and chemical fixings. It may also be used in the production of emulsion polymers in combination with other acrylic monomers, notably for textile coatings and textile sizes.

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Canadian Balsam, Neutral

Canada balsam was traditionally used in optics as an invisible-when-dry glue for glass, such as lens elements. in geology, it is used as a common thin section cement and glue, and is used for refractive index studies and tests, such as the Becke line test. to fix scratches in glass (car glass for instance) as invisibly as possible. in oil painting, to achieve glow and facilitate fusion. in Buckley's cough syrup.

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