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VISCOLAM PS 202 is a polytether polyurethane thickener. It is a newtonian rheology modifier with excellent flow and leveling, gloss development. VISCOLAM PS 202 is stable over a wide range of pH.

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VISICRYL 7290 is an exceptional pigment binding characteristics suitable for interior/exterior paints.

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VISICRYL 7669 is a premium interior/exterior paints and textured finishes.

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VISICRYL 8155 is a high solid premium emulsion for high sheen interior exterior paints and weather coats.

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VISICRYL 8850 is a premium exterior coatings with high dirt pick up an stain resistance.

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VISICRYL 960 is a rheology modifier for water borne coatings with good flow and leveling and spatter resistance.

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Vanadium Carbide Industrial Grade 99.99%

Vanadium carbide is dark gray powder, which contains C 19.08% normally. It is belong to NaCl cubic crystal systems. VC is stable at room temperature and pressure. It dissolve in nitric acid and molten potassium nitrate, however not dissolve in cold water, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. Vanadium pentoxidevanadium tetrachloridevanadium metal powder or vanadium hydride all can be the raw material.

Vanadium Carbide

CAS No.:12070-10-9 EINECS No.:235-122-5 Molecular Formula:VC Molecular Weight:62.95
Melting Point:2810℃ Boiling Point:3900℃ Density:5.77 Ambient Resistance:150
Lattice Constant:4.182      


Vanadium carbide powder acts as grain refiner in hard alloys, cutting tools and steel-making, which can improve alloys propertyobviously. It is also raw material for preparing wear-resistance thin film and semiconductor film. It is raw material for fine ceramics too.

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Vanadium Silicide Industrial Grade 99%

Vanadium silicide is dark gray powder or particle, which is minor metal silicide. It is ceramic material. Vanadium powder and silicon powder are the raw materials.

Vanadium Silicide

CAS No.:12039-87-1 EC No.:234-908-5 Molecular Formula:VSi2 Molecular Weight:107.11


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Vocaflex-LF are VOC free and/or VOC poor aqueous pigment preparations, which have been adjusted density wise and which can be used in dosing and mixing devices

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Vocaplast-KW is characteristic for it's universal application possibilities. Vocaplast-KW product line bases on a hydrocarbon resin with a low OH rate. It is solvent free and thus needs no declaration, which can be of important advantage for the user.

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