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Insta-Dri Sealing Additive

Insta-Dri Sealing Additive is a specially blended copolymer emulsion containing fast drying chemicals which modify coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers. It is recommended for faster curing of asphalt sealer and power steering marking and tracking reduction. It wil improves resistance to oils, fuels, grease and chemicals.

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Priplast Polyester polyols

Priplast polyester polyols provide a unique group of polyols for a wide range of applications in the polymer industry.It synthesised from Pripol C36 dimerised fatty acids.Priplast polyester polyols increase colour strength through excellent pigment wetting,enhance adhesion to low polar substrates,minimize internal stress and shrinkage in cross linked polymers.

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SEI Paint Proofer WPA-1000

SEI Paint Proofer WPA-1000 increases paint performance by adding long-term water repellency to the paint itself. Paint Proofer also conditions the paint for easier application and greatly improves the fade resistance properties. This water-based, acrylic micro-emulsion additive increases the life, value and performance of all latex paints and stains.SEI Paint Proofer WPA-1000 is self cleaning, keeping surfaces looking like new,prevents mold and mildew problems by keeping paint film dry,damage caused by moisture intrusion, freeze-thaw and weather extremes,peeling problems attributed to moisture,color fading and water spotting

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Titanium (IV) Isopropoxide

Titanium (IV) Isopropoxide is an alkoxide of Titanium(IV) and is used in organic synthesis and materials science.It is widely used in painting, printing oil, paper making, plastic and rubber.


Tris(nonylphenyl) Phosphite is used as a heat stabilizer for polymers especially for unvulcanized rubbers and polyvinylchloride. It is a phenolic antioxidant maintain the performance integrity, color stability and processing stability of ABS, polycarbonate, polyolefins and vulcanized rubber.

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2-Amino-2-Methyl-1-Propanol is an aminoalcohol.It is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and the coatings industry.

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2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate

2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate is used in light curing polymer system and high performance coatings for lasting high gloss against cratching, solvents and weathering. It is used in paint resins and emulsions, binders for textiles and paper. It is used as a adhesion promoter for metal coatings.

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3,3,5-Trimethylcyclohexanol is used as a raw material for chemical syntheses, peroxides used as polymerization initiator. It is also used in coatings and paints to provide improved leveling, gloss and surface finish.

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Boron Sulfide LAB GRADE 99%

Boron Sulfide crystal powder boron trisulfide

B2S3 99%

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Chloromethylisothiazolinone is a cosmetic chemical. is also used in glue production, detergents, paints, fuels and other industrial processes. It is also used in glue production, detergents, paints, fuels and other industrial processes.

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