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1-Propanethiol is a clear colourless liquid which can be used as raw materials for organic synthesis, and it is also used as a pesticide intermediate.

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4-Chlorophenol is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis of dyes and drugs.

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Acetoacetone is a beta-diketone.It is used to forms a amino acids, drugs, colorants, lacquers, perfumes, pesticides, unsaturated polyesters, and polymers.

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Allyl Chloride

Allyl chloride is an organic compound. It is mainly converted to epichlorohydrin, used in the production of plastics. It is a chlorinated derivative of propylene. In the laboratory, allyl chloride is a common alkylating agent, useful in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

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Chlorothalonil is a polychlorinated aromatic broad spectrum non-systematic fungicide.


Dichlofenthion has a relatively short half-life of only a few minutes in both water and soils. While little research has been conducted over the environmental fate this compound, much is known about the compound class in which it resides. Dichlofenthion is generally considered to be an organophosphate pesticide, although in a strict chemical sense, it is a phosphorothioate. Because most organophosphate pesticides biodegrade relatively quickly, they are generally regarded as safe for use. While this may be true for most compounds, bacteria still require time to adapt to break down new compounds introduced to the soil.[1] It has been shown that degradation rates increase as the same compounds are introduced repeatedly into the soil.

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Name Eprinomectin
Molecular Formula C50H75NO14
Molecular Weight 914.1288
CAS Registry Number 123997-26-2

White to light yellow crystalline powder



It is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, low residue antiparasitic agent, 

which is used to control parasitic diseases in livestock (especially in milk production)




Molecular Formula:C9H10ClN5O2
Molecular Weight:255.66
CAS Registry Number:138261-41-3   

Imidacloprid is an efficient systemic broad-spectrum insecticide, with stomach and contact poison, the duration is longer, and has good control effect on sucking pests. The compound is new, in the role of insect insect nicotinic acid receptor acetylcholinesterase, which interfere with movement of pests of nervous system, which is completely different from the traditional mechanism of pesticides, so no cross resistance. The drug is mainly used for the control of rice, wheat, cotton and other crops on sucking pests.


M-Bromoaniline is used in medicine, pesticide, dye. It is also used as intermediate in preparation of other organic compound.

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