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Diisobutylamine is a chemical used for the production of pesticides, corrosion inhibitor and rubber processing product as an intermediate.

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Diisopropyl Malonate

Diisopropyl Malonate is used to medicine, pesticide, paint, pigment and other fine organic chemical industry.

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Dimethyl Disulfide

Dimethyl Disulfide is an organic chemical compound. Dimethyl Disulfides along with dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl trisulfide have been confirmed as volatile compounds given off by the fly-attracting plant known as dead-horse arum. It is produced from a chemical reaction between propylene oxide and methanol. It used widely in medical applications, agricultural pesticides and the manufacture of synthetic materials. It is an important additive to lubricating oil, solvents and gasoline as well. It is also used in the electronics chemistry, oil refineries as a sulfiding agent.

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Dimethyl Malonate

Dimethyl Malonate is a diester derivative of malonic acid. It is a common reagent for organic synthesis. It is used in the malonic ester synthesis, and for the preparation of mono-substituted and di-substituted acetic acid.It is used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals such as chloroquine, butazolidin, barbital,and also in pesticide and paints.

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Dinocap is a dark oily liquid, nearly insoluble in water. It is used as a fungicide and acaricide.

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Dinoseb is an herbicide in the dinitrophenol family.It appears as orange-brown viscous liquid or orange-brown solid, orange crystals when pure. It has a pungent odor. It is used as a plant growth regulator; insecticide and herbicide.

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Molecular Formula C7H14N4O3

Molecular Weight 202.21

CAS Registry Number 165252-70-0 

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Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate

Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate is a common ingredient in consumer products. It is an anionic surfactant and a common ingredient in consumer products, especially laxatives of the stool softener type. It is also used as an emulsifying, wetting, and dispersing agent, as a pesticide, as well as a component of the oil dispersant Corexit, excellent emulsifier, detergent and penetrant that is used in textile industry. It is used to treat constipation, in painful anorectal conditions.

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Dioxathion, systematically known as p-dioxane-2,3-diyl ethyl phosphorodithioate, is an organophosphate pesticide. It is used as an insecticide on livestock and as an acaricide on citrus fruits, deciduous fruits and nuts.

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Disulfoton sulfone

Disulfoton sulfone is used as a pesticide.

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