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Dodine is a guanidine derivative and acts predominantly as a protective fungicide. Its greatest use is in apples for the control of V. inaequalis and it is also used against a limited range of other diseases.

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Emamectin benzoate

Name Emamectin benzoate
Molecular Formula C49H77NO13
Molecular Weight 888.13
CAS Registry Number 155569-91-8
EINECS 240-505-5
Insecticide and mite.
Widely used in vegetables, fruit trees, cotton and other crops on the prevention and control of pests


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Endosulfan sulfate

Endosulfan sulfate is a organochlorine compound that is used as an insecticide and acaricide. This colourless solid has emerged as a highly controversial agrichemical due to its acute toxicity, potential for bioaccumulation, and role as an endocrine disruptor. Banned in more than 50 countries, including the European Union and several Asian and West African nations,it is still used extensively in many other countries including India, Brazil, and Australia.

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Name Eprinomectin
Molecular Formula C50H75NO14
Molecular Weight 914.1288
CAS Registry Number 123997-26-2

White to light yellow crystalline powder



It is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, low residue antiparasitic agent, 

which is used to control parasitic diseases in livestock (especially in milk production)



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Ethanesulfonyl Chloride

Ethanesulfonyl chloride is used as intermediate of pharmaceutical and pesticide.

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Etofenprox is a pyrethroid derivative which is used as an insecticide.

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Ethoxyquin is a quinoline-based antioxidant used as a food preservative and a pesticide. It is commonly used as a preservative in pet foods to prevent the rancidification of fats. There has been some speculation that ethoxyquin in pet foods might be responsible for multiple health problems. Ethoxyquin has been shown to cause mortality in fish. It is also commonly used in spices to prevent color loss due to oxidation of the natural carotenoid pigments.

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Ethyl 2-Bromopropionate

Ethyl 2-bromopropionate is used in Pharmaceuticals and pesticides fields.

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Ethyl Isocyanate

Ethyl isocyanate are used in the synthesis for the target molecules such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, textile softener, lubricants and industrial disinfectants. They can convert to polycyclic compounds such as hydantoins and imidazolons. They are used as plastic additives and as heat treatment salt formulations for metals.

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Ethyl Orthoformate

Triethyl orthoformate is an orthoester of formic acid. It is used in producing bulk drug, medicine, pesticide, dyes, coating and flavor etc.

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