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Tetraethyl Pyrophosphate

Tetraethyl pyrophosphate is a colorless to amber-colored liquid with a faint, fruity odor. It is an organic phosphorous compound used as an insecticide, particularly for the pest control of aphids and red spider mites.Tetraethyl pyrophosphate is extremely poisonous to humans ,the toxic effects being similar to those of parathion. It decomposes in water to nontoxic esters of phosphoric acid.


4-Phenylthiosemicarbazide is a thiosemicarbazide used as an agricultural chemical and pesticide.

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4-(Trifluoromethoxy)aniline is used to synthesize medicine which containing Fluorine,and also synthesize pesticide intermediates.

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Benzoic Acid Methyl Ester

Benzoic Acid Methyl Ester is an ester.It is formed by the condensation of methanol and benzoic acid, in presence of a strong acid such as hydrochloric acid.It is used as a source of benzoyl radical.It is also used in perfumery,as a solvent and pesticide.

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Benzylamine, N,N-Dimethyl

Benzylamine, N,N-dimethyl is used in the manufacture of adhesives and other chemicals.

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Butyl Phosphorotrithioate

Butyl phosphorotrithioate is a plant growth regulator belonging to the organophosphate group of pesticides. It was registered for use on cotton as a defoliant.

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Para Nitro Chloro Benzene

Para Nitro Chloro Benzene is the organic pale yellow solid compound. It is a common intermediate in the production dyes, pigments, Paracetamol / Phenacetin pharma, pesticides and rubber chemicals. Para Nitro Chloro Benzene is prepared industrially by nitration of chlorobenzene.

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butanamide Technical 95%


Butanamide /butyramide CAS 541-35-5

Appearance: liquid dry to solid then crushed to powder

Packing: 40*50 paper barrel

Usage: to produce imazethapyr and imazameth 

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