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phosphorous acid Purified ?98%

Chemical name: Phosphorous Acid            
Molecular Formula: H3PO3                 
Molecular Weight: 82.0                    
CAS Number:13958-36-2                      
Typical Properties:


White Powder

Purity (%)

98.0 min

Chloride (%)

0.01 max

SO42 (%)

0.008 max

PO42 (%)

0.2 max

Iron (as Fe, ppm))

10.0 max


Phosphorous acid can be used as  reducing agent and pesticide intermediates. Used in the manufacture of nylon whitening agent, plastic stabilizers, synthetic fiber, dibasic lead phosphite, glyphosate, water treatment agent ATMP and Potassium dihydrogen phosphite. And it is also the production raw material of potassium hydrogen phosphate, synthetic fiber, plastic stabilizer and organic phosphonic pesticide . It can be used as a stabilizer of polycarbonate, also used in the manufacture of nylon 1010 antioxidant, can also be used for production of high efficient water treatment agent ATMP.


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tert-Butylamine is an organic chemical compound. It is one of the four isomeric amines of butane. It is used as an intermediate in the preparation of rubber accelerators, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes and other organic compounds.

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trans-1,4-Dichloro-2-Butene are used as nematocides and as intermediates in the manufacture of pesticides.

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zinc phosphate

 used in various materials for waterproof, acid resistant or corrosion preventive coating. such as epoxy paint, acrylic paint, paste paint and water soluble resin paint in the fields of shipbuilding, automobile, industrial machinery, light metal hold appliances and metal containers for foods.

 also production of chlorinated rubber and flame retardants , for polymer materials, electronics, temperature glass, Adhesive sintering , additives of transparent ceramic.

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