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Gamma Butyrolactone

Gamma Butyrolactone is a hygroscopic colorless oily liquid with a weak characteristic odor and is soluble in water.It is a common solvent and reagent in chemistry and is used as an aroma compound, as a stain remover, as a superglue remover, as a paint stripper, and as a solvent in some wet aluminium electrolytic capacitors. In humans it acts as a prodrug for GHB, and it is used as a recreational intoxicant.

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Gamma Poly-Glutamic Acid FOOD GRADE >90%

Gamma Poly-glutamic acid (γ-PGA) is a natural occurring, multi-functional, and

biodegradable biopolymer. It is produced through fermentation by Bacillus subtilis using glutamic acid. PGA is consists of glutamic acid monomers crosslinked between α-amino and γ-carboxyl groups, and the molecular weight of PGA is usually between 500~5,000 kDa. It is water-soluble, edible and non-toxictowards human, and is environment friendly. It has broad applications in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, and water treatment.

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Girard's Reagent T

Girard's reagent T is used as intermediate for pharmaceuticals.It is extensively used for the separation of oxo-steroids from other steroids and particularly for purification of 17-oxo-steroids in extracts of acid- or enzyme-hydrolysed urine.

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Global Hot Sell Anti Aging Coenzyme Q10 / Ubiquinol 303-98-0

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Global Hot Sell Anti Aging Coenzyme Q10 / Ubiquinol 303-98-0

Coenzyme Q10 Basic Info.:

Product Name: Coenzyme Q10


CAS: 303-98-0 

MF: C59H90O4 

MW: 863.34 

EINECS: 206-147-9 

Chemical Properties Yellow-Orange Crystalline Powder 

Usage antioxidant, cardiovascular agent 

Usage Antibacterial and antioxidant for preventing and treating cancer. 

Usage Antibacterial, antioxidant 

Biological Activity Component of the mitochondrial transporter chain that behaves as a powerful antioxidant. Displays neuroprotective activity.

Ubidecarenone Details Of Coenzyme Q10:

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 or ubiquinone) has a low risk of side effects and it is an essential vitamin-like substance with many health benefits. 

It is proven helpful in treating heart-related problems such as congestive heart failure and to lower high blood pressure. 

Coenzyme Q10 is a quinone, which is a substance that helps provide energy to cells in all oxygen-breathing organisms. Researchers first discovered coenzyme Q10 in 1957, and first named it ubiquinone, 

Because it was a quinone that was found in every cell of the body (the prefix ubi means everywhere). 

Later studies showed that ubiquinone acts as a coenzyme in the body, without which the three enzymes that provide energy to the body cannot function. 

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits: 

1. Anti-Aging As a strong antioxidant Q10 protects cells from chemicals and other harmful factors. 

2. Anti-oxidant Q10 naturally prevents our body and cells from free radicals damage and works as a shield against harmful effects. 

3. Muscles are also in need of this enzyme, due to its energy boosting quality. Experiments proved that people who had a balanced Q10 level were more energetic and vigorous 

4. Heart-related problems It is proven helpful in treating heart-related problems such as congestive heart failure and to lower high blood pressure. 

5. Improves immunity and can dramatically slow tumor growth. 

Coenzyme Q10 Application: 

1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can be used for treating cardiovascular disease. 

2. Applied in Cosmetics, it can be sued for skin whitening, removing wrinkling and slowing down ageing. 


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Glucose Pentaacetate

Glucose Pentaacetate is mainly used in biochemical reaction and used as medicine intermediate.

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Glutaric Anhydride

Glutaric anhydride is used in the production of glutaric acid family pharmaceuticals. It is also used in the production of polymers, corrosion inhibitors, surfactants and metal finishing compounds.

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Glycolaldehyde is the simplest possible sugar.

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Goserelin Acetate

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