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Human Growth SR9009 Powder SR-9009 1379686-30-2

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Human Growth SR9009 Powder SR-9009 1379686-30-2
SR 9009 Basic Info.
Product Name: SR 9009
SR9009 Prohormone Steroids SARMS
CAS: 1379686-30-2
MF: C20H24ClN3O4S
MW: 437.94
Purity: 99%
Appearance: White powder
Solubility: DMSO
Application: SR9009 increase exercise endurance and loss weight.
SR 9009 Description:
SR9009 also known as Stenabolic,is a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand and PPAR alpha modifier drug,which is taken orally.This is a very unique compound. By stimulating the Rev-Erb protein, SR9009 has the ability to greatly influence a lot of regulatory mechanisms in the human can affect the circadian rhythms, lipid and glucose metabolism, fat-storing cells, as well as macrophages. SR9009 will allow the user to lose fat and drastically increase endurance, both of which are very desirable effects for an athlete.
How SR 9009 Works?
By binding and activating the Rev-Erb protein, Stenabolic triggers a very wide range of processes in the body. The most prominent being the increase of mitochondria count in the muscles and an enhanced metabolism.That causes a drastic improvement in endurance and muscle strength.And thanks to the increase in number of macrophages, defective mitochondria are removed from the muscles and replaced with new ones.
Furthermore, the change in metabolic rates increases energy expenditure by 5% even when the user is resting.It burns excess calories and doesn’t allow them to convert into fat.Coupled with enhanced metabolism of glucose, helps effectively burn fat, which makes the body act is if it were in a constant state of exercise.
This means that less fat is stored, less cholesterol is developed by the liver, and more fat and glucose is burned in the muscles.

Hydroxyethyl Piperazine(HEP) Technical 99.00 min.

    Appearance:                     Clear and Colorless viscous liquid      
    Assay (%):                        99.0 min      
    Moisture (%):     0.30 max      
    Piperazine (%):          0.20 max      



Boiling point 83-85/0.5mm
density 0.974
Fp 101.8℃
store in refrigerator

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