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1.Product Name: maf      

2.Appearance: powder

3.Purity: >99%

4.Package:1kg/Aluminum foil bag

5.Application:For chemical research

6.Production Capacity: 500 Kilogram/Month

7.Storage:Kept in a cool,dry and ventilated place

8.Payment: Bitcoin, Bank transfer(T/T), Western Union, MoneyGram

9.Shipment: TNT, UPS, DHL, FEDEX, EMS and Client's request


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Magnesium Benzoate

Magnesium benzoate is a chemical compound formed from magnesium and benzoic acid. It was once used to treat gout and arthritis.

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Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate is a revolutionary form of magnesium that is a fully reacted amino acid chelate produced by a unique, patented process that is designed to enhance absorption and intestinal tolerance of magnesium. It is widely used as the pharmaceutical intermediate and feed additive.

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Male Enhancement 4-Androstenedione 63-05-8 For Muscle Building

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Male Enhancement 4-Androstenedione 63-05-8 For Muscle Building
Androstenedione Basic Info.
Product Name: Androstenedione
Synonyms: 4-Androstenedione;4AD;3,17-Dioxoandrost-4-Ene;delta-(sup4)-Androsten-3,17-dione;delta(Sup4)-Androstene-3,17-dione;delta4-androsten-3,17-dione;delta-4-androstenedione;SKF 2170;skf2170;4-AD
CAS: 63-05-8
MF: C19H26O2
MW: 286.41
EINECS: 200-554-5
Purity: 98.88%
Manufacturer: Kafen
Characters: Near white crystalline powder, soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water
Androstenedione Applications:
Testo-ster-one precursor and metabolite with androgenic activity. Controlled substance (anabolic steroid); Simplified hormone drugs, from the testis or urine extracted with the role of a male hormone steroids, norethisterone, testosterone propionate in the middle body, is widely used in small rheumatoid arthritis, diuretic, and a variety of contraceptive to control infectious inflammation.
Androstenedione Description:
4-Androstenedione can be synthesized in one of two ways. The primary pathway involves conversion of 17-hydroxypregnenolone to dehydroepiandrosterone by way of 17,20-lyase, with subsequent conversion of dehydroepiandrosterone to 4-Androstenedione via the enzyme 3-β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. The secondary pathway involves conversion of 17-hydroxyprogesterone, most often a precursor to cortisol, to 4-androstenedione directly by way of 17,20-lyase. Thus, 17,20-lyase is required for the synthesis of 4-androstenedione, whether immediately or one step removed.  
The production of adrenal 4-Androstenedione is governed by ACTH, whereas production of gonadal 4-Androstenedione is under control by gonadotropins. In premenopausal women, the adrenal glands and ovaries each produce about half of the total 4-androstenedione(about 3 mg/day). After menopause, 4-androstenedione production is about halved, due primarily to the reduction of the steroid secreted by the ovary. Nevertheless, 4-androstenedione is the principal steroid produced by the postmenopausal.

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Male Enhancement Raw Winstrol Powder Anabolic Steroid Hormone Stanozolol 10418-03-8

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Male Enhancement Raw Winstrol Powder Anabolic Steroid Hormone Stanozolol 10418-03-8

Stanozolol Basic Info.

Product Name: Stanozolol (Stanazol)

Alias: Winstrol;Stromba;Stanozolol;Winny Depot;Stanazol.

CAS No: 10418-03-8

MF: C21H32N2O

MW: 328.49

Einecs No: 233-894-8

Purity: 99%

MOQ(minimum order quantity):10gram

Standard: Enterprise Standard

Appearance: White crystalline powder.

Usage: Stanazol Winstrol is the trade name for the anabolic steroid Stanazol. This is the third most popular and widely used anabolic steroid in all history and in the whole world;And is a very commonly used anabolic steroid for cutting cycles.

Stanozolol Description:

Winstrol - Stanazol  is a very commonly used anabolic steroid for cutting cycles. While many people will attempt to use Dianabol or even Anadrol for cutting cycles, Ive really never heard of anyone using Stanazol  for anything except a cutting cycle. Its a bit of a one-trick-pony in this respect. Let me repeat that: Stanazol  is a cutting drug. Not many people will argue for its use in a bulking cycle. Its certainly not a very effective compound for treating anemia (1) and thus, one could rightly assume that its role in bulking cycles is very limited. One novel use for Winstrol in any cycle (perhaps even bulking) would be to use it at a very limited dose, in order to lower SHBG. (2) One of the properties of Winstrol is its profound ability to lower SHBG much more than other steroids. A dose of .2mg/kg lowered SHBG significantly, which would in turn, raise the amount of free testosterone circulating in the body. As with 99% of steroids, however, its important to note that suppression of your natural hormonal levels will occur (though perhaps not to the extent that it will with many other steroids).(10) As with running virtually any compound, testosterone supplementation (i.e. running test in a cycle containing Winstrol) is warranted to avoid possible sexual dysfunction.

Stanozolol Applications:

Winstrol is the trade name for the anabolic steroid Stanazol . This is the third most popular and widely used anabolic steroid in all history and in the whole world. The first most popular anabolic steroid is Dianabol (Methandrostenolone), second most popular is Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin), and the third most popular is Stanazol  In particular, Winstrol is the anabolic steroid best known for its supposed use by Canadian Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson when he was tested positive for this compound in the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games. Winstrol's information was first documented, published, and released in 1959. Shortly thereafter, Winthrop Laboratories located in the United Kingdom manufactured it into a prescription drug for use, and in 1961 Sterling in the United States purchased the patent for the drug. Shortly thereafter, it was then released onto the North American market and given the brand name label of Winstrol.


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Male Hormone Fitness Anabolic Steroids Powder Nandrolone Undecylate / Dynabolon 862-89-5

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Male Hormone Fitness Anabolic Steroids Powder Nandrolone Undecylate / Dynabolon 862-89-5
Nandrolone Undecylate Basic Info.:
Product Name: Nandrolone Undecylate
Synonyms: Nandrolone Undecanoate; Nandrolone 17β-Undecanoate;Dynabolon
CAS: 862-89-5
MF: C29H46O3
MW: 442.68
EIENCS: 212-729-3
Assay: 99% min.
Packing: foil bag or tin.
Delivery: Express courier.
Usage: pharmaceutical material, Tibolone intermediate.
Standard: Enterprise standard
Nandrolone Undecylate Description: 
Nandrolone undecylate is an effective compound that produces quality, long-lasting muscle gains. This is because of the relatively long half-life of the drug (around 8 days). Users report mild side effects, with the biggest side effect being water retention. 
Nandrolone Undecylate Applications:
Nandrolone is most commonly found with a cypionate, laurate, decanoate or plenylpropionate ester. Briefly explained, the ester determines how much of the given hormone is released over a period of time. Longer esters such as decanoate peak slowly and can keep stable blood plasma levels up to ten days, shorter esters such as the phenylpropionate peak more rapidly but the half-live is shorter. Shorter esters usually release much more active hormone per mg than longer esters, and of course, allow the drugs effects to leave your system more quickly.

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Male Sex Hormone Androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione / Arimistane Powder Cortisol Inhibitor 1420-49-1

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Male Sex Hormone Androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione / Arimistane Powder Cortisol Inhibitor 1420-49-1
Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione Basic Info.:
Product Name: Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione
Synonyms: 3,5-Androstadiene-7,17-dione;Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione;Androst-3,5-diene-7,17-dione;NSC 134910;Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione;Arimistane
CAS: 1420-49-1
MF: C19H24O2
MW: 0
Melting point: 167-168℃
Appearance: Pale yellow crystalline powder
Androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione Arimistane Profile:
Arimistane (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione) is a metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA, which does not convert into testosterone or estrogen. In fact, just like the drug Aromasin, arimistane is actually a suicide aromatase inhibitor (AI), so it will permanently bind to the aromatase enzyme and prevent any estrogen rebound. Furthermore, it has also been shown to reduce cortisol, raise LH (luteinizing hormone), and increase testosterone levels.
How Do You Use Androsta-3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione?
Before taking Androsta-3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione, make it a point to check with your doctor and discuss your medical condition and the possible side effects. People who are suffering from diabetes, psychiatric disease, heart disease, and liver and kidney problems must follow the prescribed dosage and medical guidelines to make sure that the supplement would not set off any adverse effects sooner or later.
The Recommended Dosage to Use:
The right amount of Androsta-3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione to be taken for first time users is 30 mg daily. Taking this AI in larger quantities may cause discomfort and other side effects such as muscle pain, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes. If you experience some side effects, call your doctor immediately.

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Malonic Acid

Malonic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. It is used in the manufacture of barbiturates. It is also frequently used as an enolate in Knoevenagel condensations or condensed with acetone to form Meldrum's acid.

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Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid is an aromatic alpha hydroxy acid. It is a useful precursor to various drugs. Since the molecule is chiral, it exists in either of two enantiomers as well as the racemic mixture. It is also an alternative to glycolic acid in skin care products. The drugs cyclandelate and homatropine are esters of mandelic acid.

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Manufacturer Terlipressin Acetate With High Quality 14636-12-5

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Manufacturer Terlipressin Acetate With High Quality 14636-12-5
Terlipressin Acetate Basic Info.:
Product Name: Terlipressin Acetate
Synonyms: Terlipressin;Terlipressin Acetate;Terilipressin;
CAS: 14636-12-5
MF: C52H74N16O15S2
MW: 1227.37
EINECS: 238-680-8
Product Categories: Amino Acid Derivatives;Peptide;hormones
Usage: Terlipressin is an analogue of vasopressin used as a vasoactive drug in the management of hypotension. Terlipressin is used norepinephrine-resistant septic shock and hepatorenal syndrome. Terlipressin is also used in the treatment of acute variceal bleeding.
Terlipressin Acetate Pharmacological Effects:
Terlipressin is a novel long-acting synthetic vasopressin reagent,its chemical name is three glycyl lysine vasopressin, it is a prodrug, itself has no activity ,in vivo  , it removes three glycyl residues in its N-terminus by aminopeptidase, and slowly "releases" the active lysine vasopressin. It is this "slow release" mechanism that makes it maintain the smooth muscle contraction up to 10 hours after a single administration, whereas the same dose of vasopressin, it can maintain its activity for 20-40 minutes. On the other hand,because of the slow digestion,  lysine vasopressin in the circulation cannot reach toxic levels, and usage of  terlipressin is safer.
Pharmacological effect of terlipressin is splanchnic vascular smooth muscle contraction, and reduction of visceral blood flow (such as reducing blood flow in the mesentery, spleen, uterus, etc.), thereby reducing portal vein blood flow,and reducing portal pressure, on the other hand it may also reduce plasma renin concentration, thereby increasing the renal blood flow in patients with hepatorenal syndrome, to improve kidney function, and increase urine output. Terlipressin is currently the only drug which is able to increase mortality in patients with esophageal varices bleeding , it is previously mainly used in clinical for the treatment of variceal bleeding, in addition,terlipressin now has also been successfully used for liver and kidney integrated syndrome and refractory shock, it is also likely to play a useful role in the cardiopulmonary resuscitation . Compared with vasopressin, it has a lasting effect, and it does not cause dangerous complications, including promoting  fibrinolysis and severe complications in the cardiovascular systems, and the use of it is simple (available intravenous injection), it is more suitable for rescue and treatment of emergent and critical  patients.
Terlipressin Acetate Mechanism of Action:
Terlipressin, a synthetic triglycyl-lysine derivative of vasopressin, is a inactive prodrug. It has pressor and antidiuretic effects. Following IV injection, lysine vasopressin are released following the enzymatic cleavage of 3 glycyl moieties.
Duration: 4-6 hr.

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