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Amiodarone HCl

Amiodarone HCl is a member of a new class of antiarrhythmic drugs with predominantly Class III effects, Amiodarone is a benzofuran derivative. It is not chemically related to any other available antiarrhythmic drug.

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Benzaldehyde CAS.100-52-7 purity above 99%


benzaldehyde main Use:
1.An important chemical raw materials, for preparing lauric aldehyde, lauric acid, benzaldehyde and benzyl benzoate,also used as a spice.
2.GB 2760--1996 benzaldehyde is for food flavor 
3.benzaldehyde is in pharmaceutical intermediate, dyestuff intermediate , spice  intermediate.
4.Organic synthesis, solvent, determination of ozone and is located beside the methylene carbonyl,phenolic alkaloids and verification,flavor preparation
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CAS: 6602-54-6

2-Chloro-3-cyanopyridine Product Name: 2-Chloro-3-cyanopyridine Synonyms: 3-Cyano-2-chloropyridine; 2-CHLORO-3-CYANO-PYRIDINE, 2-Chloronicotinonitrile CAS Registry Number: [ 6602-54-6 ] Formula: C6H3ClN2 Molecular Weight: 138.6 Specifications Appearance white to yellowish crystal Purity (%) : >99.5 Moisture(%) <0.3 6-Chloronicotinic acid <0.08 Sulfate ash (%) <0.2 Risk Term R36/37/38 Safety Term S26-36/37/39 Hazard Codes Xi Packaging 25 kg net in carton drum. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances Usage Pharmaceutical intermediate, agromedical intermediate, pesticidal intermediates

CJC-1295 USP

Product name: CJC-1295 
CAS No.: 87616-84-0
MW: 3649.30
Character:White powder
Place of Origin: China
Standard: Enterprise Standard 
Certification: ISO9001 
Delivery Time: Within 24h After The Payment Confirm 
Supply Ability: 500kg/month
Packaging Details: as requirement 
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
An obstetric drug used to control postpartum hemorrhaging.

Diphenyl Ether

Diphenyl Ether is used as a heat transfer medium.It is a starting material in the production of phenoxathiin via the Ferrario reaction. It is used widely in soap perfumes.It is also used as a processing aid in the production of polyesters.

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Glycolaldehyde is the simplest possible sugar.

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Metanilic Acid

Metanilic acid is used in the manufacture of azo dyes and in synthesis sulfa drugs.

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Propargylamine is widely used an pharmaceutical intermediate.

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Serilesine 1

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