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1-Amino-2-propanol is a secondary amino alcohol. It is prepared by the addition of aqueous ammonia to propylene oxide.It is an intermediate in the synthesis of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and is the very basic building block of the opioid, methadone.

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2,3-Dichlorophenol is readily soluble in Alkali solution, sparingly in hot water, soluble in Alcohol, Acetone 7 Aromatic solvent.

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2,5-Dichlorophenol is used as an Pharmaceutical Intermediate & Pesticide Intermediate.

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2,5-Dimethylindole is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

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2-Amino-6-picoline is used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals and other napthpyridines.

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2-Bromonaphthalene is mainly used as intermediates of pharmaceutical, organic synthesis and dye. It is also used in preparation of dyes.

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2-Mercaptopyridine is used for synthesis of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates.

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