Buy pharmaceutical intermediates principle ingredients in manufacturing medicines



4-Hydroxycarbazole is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceutical especially for carvedilol used to treat high blood pressure and to prevent cardiac arrhythmias and angina.

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Benzophenone Imine

Benzophenone Imine used as pharmaceutical intermediate,and for stains ,dyes.

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Chloral Semiacetal

Chloral semiacetal is used as a medicine, pesticide intermediate. It is also used for co-ADM, trichlorfon, dichlorvos, DDT production, and also as raw material for fluorine plastics.


Chloroacetonitrile is used as an organic intermediate in the manufacture of the insecticide fenoxycarb and the cardiovascular drug guanethidine.

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Chlorohydroquinone is an useful intermediate to produce developer, stabilizer, antioxidant, medicines and other organic compounds.

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Ethyl Cyanoacetate

Ethyl cyanoacetate is used as intermediate in preparation of other chemicals.

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Ethylene Carbonate

Ethylene Carbonate is an ester of ethylene glycol and carbonic acid.It is used as a high permittivity component of electrolytes in lithium batteries.

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