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10-Deacetylbaccatin III

10-Deacetylbaccatins are a series of closely related natural organic compounds isolated from the Pacific yew tree and related species. 10-Deacetylbaccatin III is used as a chemical intermediate in the preparation of the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel.

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2-Amino-5-bromopyridine is used to produce drugs and other fine chemicals.

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2-Amino-5-nitropyridine is used as pharmaceutical intermediate.

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2-Chloro-3-cyanopyridine Product Name: 2-Chloro-3-cyanopyridine Synonyms: 3-Cyano-2-chloropyridine; 2-CHLORO-3-CYANO-PYRIDINE, 2-Chloronicotinonitrile CAS Registry Number: [ 6602-54-6 ] Formula: C6H3ClN2 Molecular Weight: 138.6 Specifications Appearance white to yellowish crystal Purity (%): >99.5 Moisture(%): <0.3 6-Chloronicotinic acid <0.08 Sulfate ash (%) <0.2 Risk Term R36/37/38 Safety Term S26-36/37/39 Hazard Codes Xi Packaging 25 kg net in carton drum. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances Usage Pharmaceutical intermediate, agromedical intermediate, pesticidal intermediates

2-Nitroimidazole IP 99%

Product Name: 2-Nitroimidazole 
Synonyms: 2-Nitroimidazole,98%;1H-Imidazole, 2-nitro-;2-Nitroimidaxole;2-nitro-imidazo;2-NITROMIDAZOLE;AzoMycin (2-NitroiMidazole);2-NitroiMidazole, 98% 250MG 
CAS: 527-73-1 
MF: C3H3N3O2 
MW: 113.07 
EINECS: 208-425-5 
Melting point  287 °C (dec.)(lit.)
storage temp.  Refrigerator 
solubility  NH4OH: soluble50mg/mL, clear, yellow to orange 
form  Powder 
color  Light yellow to khaki-green 
Water Solubility  insoluble 


3-Methoxy Propionitrile

3-Methoxy Propionitrile is used as intermediate in the manufacturing of agricultural chemicals,pharmaceuticals,emulsifiers.

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4,6-Dihydroxypyrimidine is used as intermediates of Azoxystrobin. It is also used for production of sulfa drugs, synthetic vitamin B4, and synthetic drugs such as anticancer and auxiliary.

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6-Hydrazinicotinic Acid

6-Hydroxynicotinic Acid, an important compound as a starting material for the synthesis of a new type of pesticides.It is also used as intermediate for agrochemicals, feed additives,pharmaceuticals and animal food enrichments.

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