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undecanal LAB GRADE 98%

Also known as undecyl aldehyde or N-undecanal, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as medium-chain aldehydes. These are an aldehyde with a chain length containing between 6 and 12 carbon atoms. Thus, is considered to be a fatty aldehyde lipid molecule who exists as a liquid and is considered to be practically insoluble (in water) and relatively neutral. has been primarily detected in saliva. Within the cell, is primarily located in the membrane (predicted from logP). is a sweet, aldehydic, and citrus tasting compound that can be found in a number of food items such as lemon, rocket salad (ssp. ), sweet basil, and fruits. This makes a potential biomarker for the consumption of these food products.

undecanol LAB GRADE 98%

Water-insoluble liquid. Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids

(L)-Camphorsulfonic Acid

(L)-Camphorsulfonic Acid is a organosulfur compound.It is used as pharmaceutical intermediate.

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2,4-Dichlorobenzaldehyde can be used for dye intermediates. It is also used for synthesizing Diniconazole and is a new type of pesticide instead of Triadimefon.

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2,4-Dichlorobenzoic Acid

2,4-Dichlorobenzoic acid is used as an intermediate the manufacture of dyes, fungicides, pharmaceuticals (especially diuretics containing a Sulfamoyl group and antimalarials) and other organic chemicals.

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2,4-Dichlorobenzophenone is used as pharmaceutical intermediates.


2-Chloro-4-cyanopyridine can be used as intermediates of medicine and pesticides.

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3'-Acetamidoacetophenone is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

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