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4-Hydroxyisoleucine CP 90.00%

【Melting Point】
【Boiling Point】
332 oC
【Flash Point】
147 oC
【Storage temp】
Hygroscopic, -20?C Freezer, Under Inert Atmosphere

Safety and Handling


Light Yellow Solid
usageEng:4-Hydroxyisoleucine is used as a treatment for type II diabetes.

Use and Manufacturing

【Use and Manufacturing】
4-Hydroxyisoleucine is used as a treatment for type II diabetes.
4-Hydroxyisoleucine is used as a treatment for type II diabetes.

Biomedical Effects and Toxicity

【Therapeutic Uses】
4-Hydroxyisoleucine is used as a treatment for type II diabetes.


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4-MPD 4mpd 4-mpd CAS: 1373918-61-6 99.7%

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Place of Origin: Hubei,China
Application:reaserch chemical
MOQ: 10gram
Purity: > 99.7%
Package: Paluminum foil bag or as request
Storage: Dry and cool
Transportation: PostNL,EMS, Fedex, DHL
Port :Shanghai,Tianjin,Beijing,HK
Delivery time: Within 24 hours
Payment: WU,BTC,T/T
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4-Methyl-3-Nitrobenzoic Acid

4-Methyl-3-nitrobenzoic acid is a nitrated carboxylic acid,It is used as a dye intermediate, as a stabilizer in photographic processing and as a catalyst. It is also used as solvents, dying carrier, disinfectant additive, penetrating agent and pesticides and manufacturing other compounds.

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4-N-acetyl-amino-cyclohexanone 99%

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4-Nitrophenylacetonitrile is used in synthesis of organic chemicals.

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4-Nitrophthalic Acid

4-Nitrophthalic acid is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of corrosion inhibitors, medicines and agrochemicals.

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