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Aripiprazole Lauroxil 99.00%

Aripiprazole Lauroxil
【CAS Registry number】
Aripiprazole Lauroxil
【Molecular Weight】

Boldenone Base Purified 99.5%

Basic Info.
Product Name: Boldenone
Synonyms: Boldenone; Boldenone base; Boldenone undecylenate; Equipose; raw steroid for bodybuilding
CAS: 846-48-0
EINECS: 212-686-0
Assay: 99% min
Molecular Formula: C19H26O2
Molecular Weight: 286.41
Storage: Controlled Substance, -20°C Freezer
Melting Point: 164-166°C
Character: White crystalline powder
Boldenone is the most popular steroid for veterinary use. It has a very high level of male hormone and acts actively in synthesis. Boldenone is effective and stable in promoting the muscle and strength growth. If it is taken with other drugs, its pharmaceutical effect would be better. Boldnlone enjoys great popularity as a steroid which can keep the muscle after the cycle (Trenbolone, stanozolol, testosterone, pure HGH have the same effects. Besides, human body has a little boldenone under the natural situation.
Boldenone was synthesized in an attempt to create a long-acting injectable methandrostenolone (Dianabol), but as a matter of fact boldenone does not have the characteristics of methandrostenolone at all. It has a very long life and can show up on a steroid test for up to 1.5 years, due to the long undecylenate ester attached to the parent steroid. Trace amounts of the drug can easily be detected for months after discontinued use. Although commonly compared to nandrolone, boldenone lacks progesterone receptor interaction and all the associated progestogenic side effects.

Dexamethasone Acetate USP 99%

product Name dexamethasone-21-acetate 
Synonyms Dexamethasoneacetate; Dexamethasone Acetate; Dexamethasone-17-acetate; (11beta,16alpha)-9-fluoro-11,21-dihydroxy-16-methyl-3,20-dioxopregna-1,4-dien-17-yl acetate; (11beta,16alpha)-9-fluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-16-methyl-3,20-dioxopregna-1,4-dien-21-yl acetate; (16alpha)-9-fluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-16-methyl-3,20-dioxopregna-1,4-dien-21-yl acetate; (8xi,11beta,14xi,16alpha)-9-fluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-16-methyl-3,20-dioxopregna-1,4-dien-21-yl acetate 
Molecular Formula C24H31FO6 
Molecular Weight 434.4977 
InChI InChI=1/C24H31FO6/c1-13-9-18-17-6-5-15-10-16(27)7-8-21(15,3)23(17,25)19(28)11-22(18,4)24(13,30)20(29)12-31-14(2)26/h7-8,10,13,17-19,28,30H,5-6,9,11-12H2,1-4H3/t13-,17?,18?,19+,21+,22+,23+,24+/m1/s1 
CAS Registry Number 1177-87-3 
EINECS 214-646-8 

Lysionotin LAB GRADE HPLC>98%

Extracted from natural herbs, HPLC>98%, used for lab reaesrch only.

Periplocin LAB GRADE HPLC>98%

Used for lab research only.

Polyquaternium-1 Purified 95%

CAS NO.:75345-27-6 
Appearance:Amber to dark brown solid 

Potassium Sucrose Octasulfate

Potassium Sucrose octasulfate is used as an pharmaceutical intermediate.

Veratraldehyde Purified 99.0%


Name: Veratraldehyde


CAS:  120-14-9


Other Name: 3,4-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde 

                    Methyl vanillin

                    VANILLIN METHYL ETHER

                    VERATRIC ALDEHYDE


                    Protocatechuecaldehyde dimethyl ether

MF:  C9H10O3

Mw:  166.17

EINECS: 204-373-2

Appearance: white or light yellow crystal


Assay: 99%


Mp: 42-45℃


Bp:  281 °C


Fp:  >230 °F


FEMA: 3109


Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong bases, strong oxidizing 




Application: Veratraldehyde(120-14-9) is used as food flavor, pharmaceutical intermediate


Package: 25KG/fibre drum  ( 12MT/ 20’FCL)


200KG/iron drum, lined with plastic drum ( 16MT/ 20’FCL)


dodecyl alcohol LAB GRADE 98%

It is tasteless, colourless solid with a floral smell. It is classified as a fatty alcohol.

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