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6-Amino-1-hexanol Purified 99%

Product Name: 6-Amino-1-hexanol 
Synonyms: 6-Aminohexan-1-ol;6-Hydroxy-1-hexylamine;6-Amino-1-hexanol,97%;6-Hexanolamine;6-Aminohexane-1-ol;Hexanolamine;6-Amino-1-hexanol ,98% 
CAS: 4048-33-3 
MF: C6H15NO 
MW: 117.19 
EINECS: 223-748-1 
Melting point  54-58 °C(lit.)
Boiling point  135-140 °C30 mm Hg(lit.)
Fp  133 °C 
storage temp.  Store at 0-5°C 
form  Crystals 
Water Solubility  MISCIBLE 
Sensitive  Hygroscopic 


Ethyl 2-Cyano-3-Ethoxyacrylate

Ethyl 2-Cyano-3-Ethoxyacrylate is used as intermediate Of Allopurinol, pyrazosulfuron-ethyl production.

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Ethyl difluoroacetate IP 99.5%

Product Name: Ethyl difluoroacetate 
CAS: 454-31-9 
MF: C4H6F2O2 
MW: 124.09 
EINECS: 207-223-4 
Boiling point  97 °C 
density  1.242 
refractive index  1.3465-1.3485 
Fp  25 °C 
form  Liquid
color  Clear colorless 
Water Solubility  Slightly soluble in water 
Main Uses:Drug intermediates, cyclization, oxidation and halogenation reaction catalyst

Ethylene Deltenone 5571-36-8

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Ethylene Deltenone 5571-36-8
Ethylene Deltenone Basic Info.:
Product Name: Ethylene Deltenone (Estradiene dione-3-keta)
Synonyms: Estradiene dione-3-keta;Estradiene dione-3-ketal;Estradiene
CAS: 5571-36-8
MF: C20H26O3
MW: 314.42
EINECS: 427-230-8
Assay: 99%
Standard: Enterprise standard
Density: 1.2 g/cm3
Boiling Point: 488.1 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting point: 152-154°C
Storage temp.: -20°C Freezer
Appearance: Off-White Powder
Usage: Mifepristone intermediate; antiprogestational antiglucocorticoid antagonist steroidal spirooxazole.
Product Categories: Various 
Intermediates;Intermediates;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Other APIs.

Polyquaternium-1 Purified >99%

CasNo: 75345-27-6
Molecular Formula: C22H48Cl3N3O6
Appearance: crystal, powder
Application: Pharmaceutical intermediates
synonyms:?polidronium chloride;onamer m;onyxsperse 12s;polyquad;polyquat 1;α-[4-[tris(2-hydroxyethyl)ammonio]-2-buten-1-yl]-ω-[tris(2-hydroxyethyl)ammonio]poly[(dimethyliminio)-2-butene-1,4-diyl chloride] chloride;poly[(dimethyliminio)-2-butene-1,4-diylchloride (1:1)], a-[4-[tris(2-hydroxyethyl)ammonio]-2-buten-1-yl]-w-[tris(2-hydroxyethyl)ammonio]-,chloride (1:2);pq2-1

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Povidone PVP Technical 95% MIN

Properties:Polyvinylpyrollidone(PVP)Technical Grade products are existing as powder and water solution form,and being supplied in a wide molecular weight range,easily dissolve in water,alcohol and other organic solvents.They are highly hygroscopicity,excellent film-forming capacity,adhesiveness and chemical stability,none toxicity.

Applications: Technical grade PVP are being used Textiles/Fibers,Adhesives,Coatings/paintings,Laundry/Household detergent,Inks,Ceramics and other hi-tech industries.

*Dye transfer inhibition in detergents using PVP K15,K17 & K30 and/or its liquid product to complex fugitive.

*Textile dye stripping and strike rate control through compexation and dispersion with PVP K30 and/or its liquid product.

*Laundry detergents where PVP K30 inhibits soil redeposition.

*Emulsion polymerization where PVP K30 and or its liquid product latex stabilizer,functioning as a protective colloid,facilitates redispersion of a ‘broken’latex end-use application.

*Dispersions using PVPK30 & K90 and/or its liquid product for nonaqueous dye and pigment-based writing ink delivery systems.

*Hollow fiber membrane manufacture in which PVP K90 & K30 and/or its liquid product create voids any hydrophilic domains in polysulfone membranes.

*In oil filed cementing,where PVP K30& K90 and or its liquid productserve as fluid loss control agents.

*On lithographic plates using hydrophobic inks,where PVPK15 provides enhancement of the nonimage area.

*PVP K80,K85 & K90 and/or its liquid products in stearate-based adhesive sticks for arts and crafts applications.

*In fiber glass sizing,using PVP K30 & K90 and/or its liquid products film forming action to promote polyivnylacetate adhesion.

*As combustible ceramic binders,using PVP K30 & K90 and/or its liquid product to enhance green strength.

*PVP K15,K17,K30,K60 & K90 and/or its liquid products used in agriculture as binder and complexation agent for crop protection,Primary film former in seed treatment and coatings.


Schaftoside LAB GRADE HPLC>98%

Extracted from natural herbs, HPLC>98%, uesd for lab research only.

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