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6-Chloro 2-Hexanone (1C5H) Purified Above 98

Chlorohexanone;6-Chloro-2-hexanol;1-CHLOROHEXAN-5-ONE;1-CHLORO-5-HEXANONE;6-CHLORO-2-HEXANONE;6-CHLOROHEXAN-2-ONE;1-Chlorohexane-5-one;2-Hexanone, 6-chloro-;6-CHLORO-2-HEXANONE,98%;6-Chloro-2-hexanone 97%

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6-Chloro-2-hexanone has been used as intermediate for pentoxifylline.

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6-Hydrazinicotinic Acid

6-Hydroxynicotinic Acid, an important compound as a starting material for the synthesis of a new type of pesticides.It is also used as intermediate for agrochemicals, feed additives,pharmaceuticals and animal food enrichments.

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6-Methoxy-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)benzo[b]thiophene is used as intermediate in the production of Raloxifene.

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6-Nitroveratric Acid

6-Nitroveratric acid is used as pharmaceutical intermediate, mainly used to be prazosin hydrochloride intermediate.

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6-Oxo Muscle Building Steroids 4-Androstene-3 to Increase Muscle Mass 2243-06-3

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6-Oxo Muscle Building Steroids 4-Androstene-3 to Increase Muscle Mass 2243-06-3
6-OXO Basic Info.
Product Name: 6-OXO
Alias: 4-androstene-3, 6, 17- trione; Androst-4-ene-3, 6, 17-trione; 4-Androstenetrione; 4-Androstenetriol
CAS: 2243-06-3
Molecular Weight: 300.39
Molecular Formula: C19H24O3
Melting Point: 223-224° C
Package: Foil bag or tin, or as you require
Properties: White powder
Usage: Steroid drug intermediates. Low Estrogen Levels. 
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6-OXO Description:
6 OXO refer to the same chemical compound that is a steroidal testosterone booster/anti-aromatase agent. First identified in cow adrenal glands it was further found to be a natural metabolite of androstenedione metabolism in humans and most mammals. This makes 6 OXO a perfectly legal dietary supplement under the current DSHEA law and since it is not androgenic, not at all an anabolic steroid. What 6 OXO does is reduce an enzyme in the body that turns your testosterone into estrogen. By blocking this enzyme two major things happen, first it causes you to keep more of your testosterone and second, the body senses a lack of estrogen and causes the testes to release more testosterone.
6 OXO has been well studied in men and the original manufacturer of 6 OXO, Ergopharm Inc actually paid for quite a few studies in both men and rats. The most telling one was done by Incledon, which studied 6 OXO in doses of 300mg in healthy men, then measured the effects. The Incledon study found a boost of testosterone of about 200% with a slight reduction in estradiol, which means it was very effective at boosting testosterone while reducing estrogen. This was the first really well tested testosterone booster on the market.
Applications Of 6-OXO:
Study delivered a dose of 50 mg of 1-DHEA for 10 months with no serious adverse events reported.
1-DHEA was administered at a dose of 200 mg/day for 24 weeks with slight androgenic effects noted.

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6-bromonicotinoyl chloride LAB GRADE 95%

HCL salt form, store in dry, sealed containers

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6MAPB 9-PV9 25i-NBOH Acb-DMT a-pvt bkebdp fubakb-48 LAB GRADE 99.9


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