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2- Furoyl Chloride Purified 99 and above

2-Furoyl chloride is used in the preparation of novel dibenzothiepins that show antibiofilm activity. 2-Furoyl chloride is used in preparation of pharmaceuticals Furalaxyl, Prazosin, Quinfamide and many more. 2-Furoyl chloride is used in the characterisation of mixtures of polyethoxylated alcohols and their sulphates. It was also used in the preparation of S-2-furoyl-O-alkyldithiocarbonic anhydrides.

2-Pyridinol-1-Oxide Industrial Grade 99%

HOPO 2-Pyridinol-1-Oxide  CAS#13161-30-3

2-[4-(Bromomethyl)-Phenyl]Propionic Acid

2-[4-(Bromomethyl)-Phenyl]Propionic Acid is the intermediate of loxoprofen sodium.

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3-(4-Fluorophenyl)-1-isopropyl-1H-indole used as pharmaceutical and organic intermediates.

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3-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazole 99%

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