Pharmaceutical raw materials used in synthesizing new medications


1,2,3-Benzotriazole Industrial Grade

Benzotriazole used as restrainer in photographic emulsions, reagent for analytical determination of silver, corrosion inhibitor for both atm and underwater, anti freezing agent, vapor phase inhibitor, drug precursor

N,N-Dimethylformamide Industrial Grade

N,N-Dimethylformamide/ DMF is used in the production of acrylic fibers and plastics. It is also used as a solvent in peptide coupling for pharmaceuticals, in the development and production of pesticides, and in the manufacture of adhesives, synthetic leathers, fibers, films, and surface coatings.

Sodium Salt of 4-Nitrophenol Industrial Grade <80%

Bright Yellow Coloured Free Flowing Crystalline Solid

- Used to manufacture 4-Nitrophenol
- Used as key Raw Material for a product called 'Atonik'
- Used as a key Raw Material for Plant Growth Regulators
- Used as an intermediate in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Hydroxypropyl-Gamma-cyclodextrin Industrial Grade 98%

Product Name: Hydroxypropyl-Gamma-cyclodextrin

CAS Number: 128446-34-4

Synonyms: Hydroxypropyl-Gamma-Cyclodextrin (hgc) 4 5% W/V Solution In H2o; Hydroxypropyl-Gamma-Cyclodextrin, Ms=0.6; .gamma.-Cyclodextrin, 2-Hydroxypropyl Ethers; Cavasol(R)W8; Hpgcd

Structural Formula: buy Hydroxypropyl-Gamma-cyclodextrin HPGCD cas 128446-34-4 suppliers

Molecular Formula: C63H110O45

Molecular Weight: 15487.54 g/mol

Appearance: White powder

Assay: >=99%;

Application: (2-Hydroxypropyl)-γ-cyclodextrin is a gamma cyclodextrin that is a derivative of an 8-membered sugar ring molecule. They can solubilize hydrophobic molecules and can crosslink to form longer polymers. This overall is a very useful chemical for supramolecular chemistry.

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Asarone is an ether found in certain plants such as acorus and asarum. As a volatile fragrance oil, it is used in killing pests and bacteria. Diseases that can be treated using drugs mixed with this compound include diphtheria, typhoid and tuberculosis.

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Equilin is an estrogen from horses. It is one of the estrogens present in the mixture of estrogens isolated from horse urine and marketed as Premarin. Premarin became the most commonly used form of estrogen for hormone replacement therapy in the United States of America. Estrone is the major estrogen in Premarin and equilin is present as about 25% of the total. Estrone is a major estrogen that is normally found in women. Equilin is not normally present in women, so there has been interest in the effects of equilin on the human body.


Quality Standard: BP/USP/EP/CP/JP

Physical and Chemical Properties: White crystal or crystalline powder,with acid taste and is stable in dry air,slowly hydrolyze into salicylic acid and acetic anhydride.Its solution shows and acid reaction.Sparingly soluble in alcohol,chloroform or ether,slightly soluble in water or absolute ether,it dissolves in alkali hydroxide or alkali carbonate solution and decomposes at the same time.


Assay: 99.50-101.0%

Clarity and color of solution: Clear and colorless

Heavy metals: ≤20ppm

Free salicylic acid: ≤500ppm

Sulfate: ≤0.1%

Loss of drying: ≤0.5%

Addition Material: ≤0.1%

Appearance: white crystal or crystalline powder.

Usage: This product is an antipyretic ant rheumatic that is used to allay fever, headache, arthralgia, acticerheumatism, and rheumatoid arthritis. Toothache and dysmenorrhea and as raw material for making anti-carcinogen.



25kg / kraft bag or fibre drum

25kg / package with paper or polyethylene bag inside

1 MT = 40 Packages

Packing size: 50*80cm / kraft bag;  36*40 cm / fibre drum

Capacity / 20"FCL:

without pallet: 20 MT / 800 Bag , 1.6CBM/MT;  15 MT / 600 Drum, 2.1CBM / MT

with pallet: 18 MT / 720 Bag , 11 .25MT / 450 Drum

Our company may produce and pack according to customer's requirement.




Coumarin is a pleasantly fragrant chemical compound found in many plants. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a precursor molecule in the synthesis of a number of synthetic anticoagulant pharmaceuticals similar to dicoumarol, notably warfarin and some even more potent rodenticides that work by the same anticoagulant mechanism. It has been used in the treatment of lymphedema and also used as aroma-enhancer in pipe tobaccos and certain alcoholic drinks, although it is generally banned as a flavorant food additive, due to concerns about hepatotoxicity coumarin causes in animal models. It is also used as a gain medium in some dye lasers.

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Pyranine is a hydrophilic, pH-sensitive fluorescent dye from the group of chemicals known as arylsulfonates. It has applications as a coloring agent for drug and cosmetics, biological stain, optical detecting reagent, and a pH indicator. It is also found in highlighters.

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Equilenin is a horse steroid. It is used as one of the components in Premarin.

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