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Brotizolam is a sedative-hypnotic thienodiazepine drug which is a benzodiazepine analog. It possesses anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative and skeletal muscle relaxant properties, and is considered to be similar in effect to short-acting benzodiazepines such as triazolam. It is used in the short term treatment of severe or debilitating insomnia. The drug was developed by a team led by T Nishiyama while working for Takeda Chemical Industries in 1976 in Japan.

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Bucindolol is a non-selective beta blocker with additional weak alpha-blocking properties and some intrinsic sympathomimetic activity. It was under review by the FDA in the United States for the treatment of heart failure in 2009 but was rejected.

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Budesonide belongs to a GMP, DMF certified steroid API product. Budesonide offered by Hunan Steroid Chemicals Co., Ltd budesonide supplier is used in the management of asthma, the treatment of various skin disorders, and allergic rhinitis. Buy steroid budesonide used orally for several immune-mediated gastrointestinal and liver diseases and for nasal spray purposes.


Buflomedil is a vasoactive drug used to treat claudication or the symptoms of peripheral arterial disease. It is currently not approved by the FDA for use in the United States.

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Bumadizone is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.


Bupranolol is a non-selective beta blocker without intrinsic sympathomimetic activity, but with strong membrane stabilizing activity. Its potency is similar to propranolol. It can be used to treat hypertension and tachycardia.


Burimamide is an antagonist at the H2 and H3 histamine receptors. It is a thiourea derivative. It was first developed by scientists at Smith, Kline & French in their intent to develop a histamine antagonist for the treatment of peptic ulcers.


Butenafine is only found in individuals that have used or taken this drug. It is a synthetic benzylamine antifungal agent. It has been suggested that butenafine, like allylamines, interferes with sterol biosynthesis (especially ergosterol) by inhibiting squalene monooxygenase, an enzyme responsible for converting squalene to 2,3-oxydo squalene.

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Butaxamine is a β2-selective beta blocker. Its primary use is in experimental situations in which blockade of β2 receptors is necessary to determine the activity of the drug. It has no common clinical use.


CELEMIN 5S is specially designed to meet the varied protein requirements of critically ill patients. CELEMIN 5S contains all essential & non-essential Amino acids. It is insulin independent source of carbohydrate "sorbitol.

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