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Cyclandelate is a vasodilator used in the treatment of claudication, arteriosclerosis and Raynaud's disease. It is also used to treat night time leg cramps,and has been investigated for its effect against migraine. It is orally administered.

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Cyclazocine is a mixed opioid agonist and antagonist related to dezocine, pentazocine and phenazocine. This family of opioid drugs is called the benzomorphans or benzazocines. Research into the use of cyclazocine for the treatment of bipolar patients with depression was undertaken by Fink and colleagues in 1970. It showed that 8 out of 10 patients experienced moderate improvement. Research during the 1960s and 1970s into the possible use of cyclazocine for management of pain, and later for assisting treatment of narcotic addiction was severely hampered by the drug's psychotomimetic, dysphoric, and hallucinatory effects.

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Cyclic Pifithrin-A Hydrobromide

Cyclic Pifithrin-Α Hydrobromide is a cyclic analog of pifithrin-α a small molecule inhibitor of p53. It reversibly inhibits p53-dependent transactivation of p53-responsive genes and reversibly blocks p53-mediated apoptosis, with less cytotoxicity than the parent compound.

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Sequence: cyclo[-Arg-Gly-Asp-D-Phe-Lys-]
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Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride

Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride is an inhibitor of the serotonin receptor (SR).

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Cycloguanil is a dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor, and is a metabolite of the antimalarial drug proguanil; its formation in vivo has been thought to be primarily responsible for the antimalarial activity of proguanil. However, more recent work has indicated that, while proguanil is synergistic with the drug atovaquone, cycloguanil is in fact antagonistic to the effects of atovaquone, suggesting that, unlike cycloguanil, proguanil may have an alternative mechanism of antimalarial action besides dihydrofolate reductase inhibition.

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Cycloheptane is a cycloalkane. It is used as a nonpolar solvent for the chemical industry and as an intermediate in the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs. It may be derived by Clemmensen reduction from cycloheptanone. Cycloheptane vapour is irritating to the eyes and may cause respiratory depression if inhaled in large quantity.

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Cyclohexyl isocyanate

Cyclohexyl isocyanate is used in chemical manufacturing including agrochemicals, pharmaceutical agents and polymer auxiliaries.

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Cyclohexylamine is an organic chemical, an amine derived from cyclohexane. It is toxic by both ingestion and inhalation; the inhalation itself may be fatal. It readily absorbs through skin, which it irritates. It is corrosive. It is used as an intermediate in synthesis of some herbicides, antioxidants, accelerators for vulcanization, pharmaceuticals, corrosion inhibitors, some sweeteners etc. It has been used as a flushing aid in the printing ink industry.

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