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Suproclone is a sedative and anxiolytic drug in the cyclopyrrolone family of drugs, developed by the French pharmaceutical company Rhône-Poulenc. It is very similar in structure to the related drug suriclone, but little information has been published about it specifically. However it can be expected that the mechanism of action by which suproclone produces its sedative and anxiolytic effects is by modulating benzodiazepine receptors, in a similar manner to other drugs of this class.


Surinabant is a cannabinoid receptor type 1 antagonist. It is being investigated as a potential treatment for nicotine addiction, to assist smoking cessation. It may also be developed as an anorectic drug to assist with weight loss. It is at present mainly being developed as an anti-smoking drug, with possible application in the treatment of other addictive disorders such as alcoholism. Other potential applications such as treatment of ADHD have also been proposed.


Suxibuzone is a drug used for joint and muscular pain. It is a prodrug of the non steroidal anti inflammatory drug phenylbutazone, and is commonly used in horses.


Synephrine is a drug commonly used for weight loss. While its effectiveness is widely debated, synephrine has gained significant popularity as an alternative to ephedrine, a related substance which has been made illegal or restricted in many countries due to health risks and its use as a precursor in the illicit manufacturing of methamphetamine. Products containing bitter orange or synephrine are suspected of causing adverse cardiovascular reactions. It is derived primarily from the immature fruit of Citrus aurantium.

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Talampanel is a drug which is being investigated for the treatment of epilepsy, malignant gliomas and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is a noncompetitive antagonist of the AMPA receptor, a type of glutamate receptor in the central nervous system.


Taltirelin is a thyrotropin-releasing hormone.


Tamsulosin is an α1a-selective alpha blocker. It was developed by Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals. It is primarily used for benign prostatic hyperplasia, but is sometimes used for the passage of kidney stones by the same mechanism of smooth muscle relaxation via alpha antagonism.

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Tanomastat is a protease inhibitor.

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Tapentadol is a centrally-acting analgesic with a dual mode of action as an agonist at the μ-opioid receptor and as a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. It is a new molecular entity that is structurally similar to tramadol. It has opioid and nonopioid acitivity in a single compound. Tapentadol is FDA approved for the treatment of moderate to severe acute pain. Due to the dual mechanism of action as an opioid agonist and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, there is potential for off label use in chronic pain. Its dual mode of action provides analgesia at similar levels of more potent narcotic analgesics such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, and meperidine with a more tolerable side effect profile.

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Taranabant is a cannabinoid receptor type 1 inverse agonist being investigated as a potential treatment for obesity due to its anorectic effects. It was discovered by Merck & Co. In October 2008, Merck has stopped its phase III clinical trials with the drugs due to high level of central side effects, mainly depression and anxiety.

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