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Zatosetron is a drug which acts as an antagonist at the 5HT3 receptor. It is orally active and has a long duration of action, producing antinauseant effects but without stimulating the rate of gastrointestinal transport. It is also an effective anxiolytic in both animal studies and human trials, although with some side effects at higher doses.


Zestoretic combines an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, lisinopril, and a diuretic, hydrochlorothiazide. It was sustained for at least 24 hours. Zestoretic is indicated for the treatment of hypertension.

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Zidovudine is a nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor, a type of antiretroviral drug used for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. It is an analog of thymidine.It is a potent inhibitor of HIV replication, acting as a chain-terminator of viral DNA during reverse transcription. It improves immunologic function, partially reverses the HIV-induced neurological dysfunction, and improves certain other clinical abnormalities associated with AIDS. Its principal toxic effect is dose-dependent suppression of bone marrow, resulting in anemia and leukopenia.Zidovudine is phosphorylated to active metabolites that compete for incorporation into viral DNA and inhibit the HIV reverse transcriptase enzyme competitively and act as a chain terminator of DNA synthesis.The lack of a 3'-OH group in the incorporated nucleoside analogue prevents the formation of the 5' to 3' phosphodiester linkage essential for DNA chain elongation, and therefore, the viral DNA growth is terminated.

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Zometapine is an antidepressant drug which is a pyrazolodiazepine derivative. Its molecular structure closely resembles benzodiazepines and is unrelated to other antidepressant drug classes.


Zonisamide is a sulfonamide anticonvulsant approved for use as an adjunctive therapy in adults with partial-onset seizures.It may be a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor although this is not one of the primary mechanisms of action. Zonisamide may act by blocking repetitive firing of voltage-gated sodium channels leading to a reduction of T-type calcium channel currents, or by binding allosterically to GABA receptors,thereby inhibit the uptake of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA while enhancing the uptake of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate.

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Amifostine is a cytoprotective adjuvant used in cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy involving DNA-binding chemotherapeutic agents. Amifostine is also indicated to reduce the incidence of xerostomia in patients undergoing radiotherapy for head and neck cancer.


Bilobalide is a sesquiterpenoid. It is a main constituent of the terpenoids found in Ginkgo leaves. It also exists in minor amounts in the roots. Bilobalide and ginkgolide both have very similar biosynthesis pathway. Bilobalide is formed by partially degraded from ginkgoglide. Bilibalide is derived from geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate (GGPP), which is formed by addition of farnesyl pyrophosphate (FPP) to isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP) unit, to form a C15 sesquiterpene. Such formation went through the mevalonate pathway (MVA) and methylerythritol phosphate MEP pathway.

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Product Name Procaine CAS 59-46-1 whatsapp +8619930503256
Material Industral Chemicals / Organic Intermediates
Function Mainly use in Pharmaceutical Intermediates / medical intermediate / Research purpose
CAS No.: 59-46-1
Appearance: White crystalline powder 
Package Drum / Aluminum Foil Bag / According to customer's requiement
Boiling Point 373.6ºC at 760 mmHg
Molecular Weight 236.31000
Stability Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Storage Condition Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
Appearance & Physical State white powder
Flash Point 179.8ºC
Refractive Index 1.542
Density 1.077g/cm3
Vapor -
packing Bottle + Aluminum Foil Bag/ Customers' Requirement

Main Products
Products Name CAS
Procaine Hcl 51-05-8
Procaine Base 59-46-1
Lidocaine Hcl 73-78-9
Tetracaine 94-24-6
Tetracaine Hcl 136-47-0
Benzocaine 94-09-7


theiCal-D3 is indicated for the prevention and treatment of vitamin D and calcium deficiency in the elderly. It is also indicated as a vitamin D and calcium supplement as an adjunct to specific osteoporosis treatment of patients who are at risk of vitamin D and calcium deficiency. theiCal-D3 is the first product designed to provide the lowest effective dose of calcium 1000mg per day combined with a dose of vitamin D in excess of the 800 IU recommended in combination to maintain bone health.

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