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BVT 2733 analytical pure 98%

BVT 2733 is a small molecule, non-steroidal, isoform-selective inhibitor of 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1(11β-HSD1).

CPI-203 analytical pure 0.99

CPI 203 is a potent, selective and cell permeable inhibitor of the bromodomain and extra terminal (BET) family protein BRD4 with an IC50 of ~37 nM (BRD4 α-screen assay).

GSK126 analytical pure 0.996

GSK126 is a potent, highly selective EZH2 methyltransferase inhibitor with IC50 of 9.9 nM, > 1000-fold selective for EZH2 over 20 other human methyltransferases.

GSK343 analytical pure 0.998

GSK343 is a potent and selective EZH2 inhibitor with IC50 of 4 nM, showing 60 fold selectivity against EZH1, and > 1000 fold selectivity against other histone methyltransferases.

GW2580 analytical pure 0.999

GW2580 is a selective CSF-1R inhibitor for c-FMS with IC50 of 30 nM, 150- to 500-fold selective compared to b-Raf, CDK4, c-KIT, c-SRC, EGFR, ERBB2/4, ERK2, FLT-3, GSK3, ITK, JAK2 etc.

Gap 26 analytical pure 0.992

Gap 26, a mimetic peptide of connexin, is the gap junction blocker that corresponds to the residues 63-75 of connexin 43.

Go6983 analytical pure 0.994

Go6983 is a pan-PKC inhibitor against for PKCα, PKCβ, PKCγ and PKCδ with IC50 of 7 nM, 7 nM, 6 nM and 10 nM, respectively and less potent to PKCζ and inactive to PKCμ.

HSP990 analytical pure 0.996

NVP-HSP990 is a potent and selective HSP90 inhibitor for HSP90α/β with IC50 of 0.6 nM/0.8 nM.

JSH-23 analytical pure 0.983

JSH-23 is an inhibitor of NF-κB transcriptional activity with IC50 of 7.1 μM in RAW 264.7 cell line.

LEE011 analytical pure 0.999

LEE011 is an orally available cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor targeting cyclin D1/CDK4 and cyclin D3/CDK6 cell cycle pathway, with potential antineoplastic activity.

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