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Pilocarpine is a parasympathomimetic alkaloid obtained from the leaves of tropical American shrubs from the genus Pilocarpus. It is a non-selective muscarinic receptor agonist in the parasympathetic nervous system, which acts therapeutically at the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M3 due to its topical application.

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Piperaquine is an antimalarial drug, a bisquinoline first synthesised in the 1960s, and used extensively in China and Indochina as prophylaxis and treatment during the next 20 years. Usage declined in the 1980s as piperaquine-resistant strains of P. falciparum arose and artemisinin-based antimalarials became available. However, Chinese scientists discovered that piperaquine was suitable for artemisinin combination therapies.

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Piperocaine is a local anesthetic drug used as its hydrochloride salt for infiltration and nerve blocks.


Pirarubicin is an anthracycline drug. It intercalates into DNA and interacts with topoisomerase II, thereby inhibiting DNA replication and repair and RNA and protein synthesis. This agent is less cardiotoxic than doxorubicin and exhibits activity against some doxorubicin-resistant cell lines.

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Pirfenidone is a drug used for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).Pirfenidone is administered orally. Pirfenidone has well-established antifibrotic and anti-inflammatory properties in various in vitro systems and animal models of fibrosis. Pirfenidone has also been shown to reduce production of inflammatory mediators such as TNF-α and IL-1β in both cultured cells and isolated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Pirfenidone is frequently associated with gastrointestinal side effects such as dyspepsia, nausea, gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and vomiting. Pirfenidone is known to cause photosensitivity reactions, rash, pruritus and dry skin, increases hepatic enzyme levels.

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Pirisudanol is the succinic acid ester of pyridoxine and of deanol. It has been used in Europe in the treatment of mild cognitive impairment as well as fatigue and depression.


Pivoxazepam is a drug which is a benzodiazepine derivative. It is the pivalate (2,2-dimethylpropanoate) ester of oxazepam. It has sedative and anxiolytic actions like those of other benzodiazepines. Compared to its parent drug, oxazepam, pivoxazepam is more rapidly absorbed and slightly more sedative.


Polysorbates are a class of emulsifiers used in some pharmaceuticals and food preparation. They are often used in cosmetics to solubilize essential oils into water-based products. Polysorbates are oily liquids derived from PEG-ylated sorbitan (a derivative of sorbitol) esterified with fatty acids.

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Proflazepam is a drug which is a benzodiazepine derivative.

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