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Embelin analytical pure 0.992

Embelin, a quinone isolated from the Japanese Ardisia herb, is an inhibitor of X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis (XIAP) with IC50 of 4.1 μM in a cell-free assay.

FG-2216 analytical pure 0.991

FG-2216 is a potent HIF-prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor with IC50 of 3.9 μM for PHD2 enzyme, orally bioavailable and induced significant and reversible Epo induction in vivo.

Glyceryl Triacetate Technical

Triacetin is used for the solidification of acetyl cellulose fibres in the manufacture of cigarette filters. The water content must be kept constant to achieve constant solidification.
Triacetin is also used as a support for flavourings and essences in the food industry and as a plasticiser for chewing gum.
In technical applications, Triacetin is used for example as a core sand binder in the metal foundry sector. Another application is inks and printing inks. Triacetin is used as a highly-effective plasticiser for cellulose-based plastics.

IPI-549 analytical pure 0.992

IPI-549 is a selective phosphoinositide-3-kinase (PI3K)-γ inhibitor with IC50 of 16 nM as an immuno-oncology clinical candidate.

KRIBB11 analytical pure 0.996

KRIBB11 is an inhibitor of heat shock factor (HSF) inhibitor, with IC50 of 1.2 μM.

KU-60019 analytical pure 0.99

KU-60019 is an improved analogue of KU-55933, with IC50 of 6.3 nM for ATM.

Ki20227 analytical pure 0.995

Ki-20227 is a highly selective c-Fms tyrosine kinase (CSF1R) inhibitor with IC50 value of 2 nM, displaying 6 fold and > 100 fold selectivity over VEGFR2 (IC50=12 nM) and c-Kit/PDGFRβ (IC50=451/217 nM), respectively.

MHY1485 analytical pure 0.996

MHY1485 is a mTOR activator and inhibits the autophagic process by inhibition of fusion between autophagosomes and lysosomes leading to the accumulation of LC3II protein and enlarged autophagosomes.

MK-4827 analytical pure 0.999

MK-4827 is an excellent PARP1 and PARP2 inhibitor with IC50 of 3.8 and 2.1 nM, respectively.

MK-8617 analytical pure 0.996

MK-8617 is a potent, selective, orally bioavailabl pan-inhibitor of hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase 1−3 (HIF PHD1−3), inhibiting PHD1, 2, 3 with IC50s of 1.0, 1.0 and 14 nM, respectively.

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