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Chloroguanide is a prophylactic antimalarial drug. It is effective against sporozoites. It works by stopping the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax, from reproducing once it is in the red blood cells.

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Chlorzoxazone a synthetic compound, inhibits antigen-induced bronchospasms and, hence, is used to treat asthma and allergic rhinitis.It is used as an ophthalmic solution to treat conjunctivitis and is taken orally to treat systemic mastocytosis and ulcerative colitis.Chlorzoxazone is also a centrally-acting agent for painful musculoskeletal conditions.It inhibits degranulation of mast cells, subsequently preventing the release of histamine and slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRS-A), mediators of type I allergic reactions. Chlorzoxazone also may reduce the release of inflammatory leukotrienes.It may act by inhibiting calcium and potassium influx which would lead to neuronal inhibition and muscle relaxation.

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Cichoric Acid

Cichoric acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid, an organic compound of the phenylpropanoid class and occurs in a variety of plant species. It is a derivative of both caffeic acid and tartaric acid. It has been shown to stimulate phagocytosis in both in vitro and in vivo studies, to inhibit the function of hyaluronidase, protect collagen from damage due to free radicals, and inhibit the function of HIV-1 integrase.

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Cinnamic Acid

Cinnamic acid is obtained from oil of cinnamon, or from balsams. It is also found in shea butter and is the best indication of its environmental history and post-extraction conditions. It can also be made synthetically. It is used in flavors, synthetic indigo, and certain pharmaceuticals, though its primary use is in the manufacturing of the methyl, ethyl, and benzyl esters for the perfume industry. It has a honey-like odor; it and its more volatile ethyl ester (ethyl cinnamate) are flavor components in the essential oil of cinnamon, in which related cinnamaldehyde is the major constituent. Cinnamic acid is also part of the biosynthetic shikimate and phenylpropanoid pathways.

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Clinafloxacin is a quinolone antibiotic. Its use is associated with phototoxicity and hypoglycaemia.

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Compressol SM

Compressol SM co-processed polyol is a directly compressible excipient consisting of mannitol and sorbitol.Compressol SM product is designed to assist the formulator with high active-loading formulations and difficult-to-compress actives.Compressol SM combines the benefits of both mannitol and sorbitol for a unique functionality. It has the low hygroscopicity and pleasant mouth feel of mannitol and the high compressibility of sorbitol.The low hygroscopicity of Compressol SM makes it ideal for the formulation of moisture-sensitive actives.Compressol SM has a pleasant taste and favorable mouth feel that makes it especially suitable for chewable tablets, but it can also be used in conventional tablets and quick-dissolve tablets.

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Coriander Oil

Coriander oil is obtained from fruits of Coriandrum sativum. It is used as flavoring in foods and alcoholic beverages. It also helps to ease the mind and fight fatigue, while it warms and calms the digestive system,relieves rheumatism and arthritic pain, muscular spasms and detoxifies the body.

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Crotonic Acid

Crotonic acid is a short-chain unsaturated carboxylic acid.It is used in organic synthesis, the manufacture of resins,pharmaceuticals.

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Cyanopindolol is a drug related to pindolol which acts as both a β1 adrenoreceptor antagonist and a 5-HT1A receptor antagonist. Its radiolabelled derivative iodocyanopindolol has been widely used in mapping the distribution of beta adrenoreceptors in the body.


Cyclopentanol is a cyclic alcohol.It initiate the polymerization of isocyanates and epoxides.It is widely used in synthesis of pharmaceutical,agrochemical and fragrance Intermediates.

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