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Dabrafenib analytical pure 98%

Dabrafenib is a potent, selective and efficacious inhibitor of B-RafV600E with IC50 value of 0.7 nM, and less potent to B-Raf and C-Raf with IC50 values of 5.2 nM and 6.3 nM, respectively.

Desidustat analytical pure 98%

Desidustat, an antianaemic drug, is a HIF hydroxylase inhibitor.

EPZ-6438 analytical pure 0.997

EPZ-6438 is a potent, selective, and orally bioavailable small-molecule inhibitor of EZH2 enzymatic activity with Ki value of 2.5±0.5 nM.

Foretinib analytical pure 0.99

Foretinib is an ATP-competitive inhibitor of HGFR and VEGFR, mostly for Met and KDR with IC50 of 0.4 nM and 0.9 nM in cell-free assays. Foretinib is less potent against Ron, Flt-1/3/4, Kit, PDGFRα/β and Tie-2, and with little activity to FGFR1 and EGFR.

GDC-0068 analytical pure 0.982

GDC-0068 is a highly selective pan-Akt inhibitor targeting Akt1/2/3 with IC50 of 5 nM/18 nM/8 nM, 620-fold selectivity over PKA.

GDC-0941 analytical pure 0.995

GDC-0941 is a potent inhibitor of PI3Kα/δ with IC50 of 3 nM, with modest selectivity against p110β(11-fold) and p110γ(25-fold).

GDC-0994 analytical pure 0.999

GDC-0994 is highly selective for ERK1 and ERK2, with IC50 of 1.1 nM and 0.3 nM, respectively.

GLPG1690 analytical pure 0.999

GLPG1690, a first-in-class autotaxin (ATX) inhibitor with IC50 of 131 nM and Ki of 15 nMl, is able to cause a sustained reduction of LPA levels in plasma in vivo and was shown to be efficacious in a bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis model in mice, and in reducing extra-cellular matrix deposition in the lung whilst also reducing LPA 18:2 content in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and may be a possible effectvie compound in treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

IMD-0354 analytical pure 0.999

IMD-0354 is a synthetic selective NF-kB inhibitor and blocks IκBα phosphorylation in NF-κB pathway.

INC28060 analytical pure 0.993

INCB28060 is a potent and selective c-MET kinase inhibitor. INCB28060 inhibits c-MET kinase activity with an average IC50 of 0.13 nM.

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