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Chlorthalidone is a diuretic drug used to treat hypertension. It is described as a thiazide diuretic. Compared with other medications of the thiazide class, chlorthalidone has the longest duration of action, but a similar diuretic effect at maximal therapeutic doses. It is often used in the management of hypertension and edema.

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Chromomycin A3

Chromomycin A3 is a glycosidic antibiotic produced at the fermentation of a strain of Streptomyces griseus.

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Cinnamaldehyde is the organic compound that gives cinnamon its flavor and odor. This pale yellow viscous liquid occurs naturally in the bark of cinnamon trees and other species of the genus Cinnamomum. The essential oil of cinnamon bark is about 90% cinnamaldehyde. The most obvious application for cinnamaldehyde is as flavoring in items like chewing gum, ice cream, candy, and beverages range from 9 to 4900ppm. It is also used in some perfumes of natural, sweet, or fruity scents. Cinnamaldehyde is also used as a fungicide. Another use for cinnamaldehyde is as an antimicrobial.

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Cinnamonitrile is one of the important pharmaceutical raw materials, commonly used in external use, synthetic drugs.

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Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is one of the essential oils obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogan. The oil is used extensively as a source of perfumery. These chemicals find extensive use in soap, perfumery, cosmetic and flavouring industries throughout the world.

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Clobenztropine is an antihistamine.

Clove Leaf Oil

Clove Leaf Oil is used in cosmetic and medicine.

Cupric Nitrate

Cupric Nitrate is appears as blue crystals.It is used in electroplating copper on iron,as a catalyst and nitrating agent in organic reactions,pharmaceutical preparations,component in rocket fuel,fungicides and wood preservatives,textile dyeing and printing,pigment in ceramics.

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D-Pantolactone is used as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of Vitamin B5 derivatives, which are cosmetic ingredients used in skin creams, shampoos, and similar products.


DRUGCOAT E 100 is used for pH Dependent Drug release,protection of API from environmental factors,moisture protection,higher stability,improve storage stability of Sensitive API's.

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