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Isocitric Acid

Isocitric acid is a protonated form of isocitrate, which is a substrate of the citric acid cycle.It is commonly used as a marker to detect the authenticity and quality of fruit products, most often citrus juices.

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Kynurenic Acid

Kynurenic acid is a product of the normal metabolism of amino acid L-tryptophan. It has been shown that kynurenic acid possesses neuroactive activity. It acts as an antiexcitotoxic and anticonvulsant, most likely through acting as an antagonist at excitatory amino acid receptors. Because of this activity, it may influence important neurophysiologic and neuropathologic processes. As a result, kynurenic acid has been considered for use in therapy in certain neurobiological disorders. Conversely, increased levels of kynurenic acid have also been linked to certain pathological conditions.

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Lubripharm SSF

Lubripharm SSF is a tablet lubricant for use in traditional and orally disintegrating tablets, effervescent formulas, or in formulas where the active is incompatible with magnesium stearate.

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M-Bromoaniline is used in medicine, pesticide, dye. It is also used as intermediate in preparation of other organic compound.

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M-Bromoanisole is used as anesthetic agent and anti-allergic agent.It is used as tramadol hydrochloride intermediate and also to synthesize other organic products.

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Methoserpidine is an antihypertensive drug related to reserpine.


Methoxybenzene is an organic compound. It is a colorless liquid with a smell reminiscent of anise seed, and in fact many of its derivatives are found in natural and artificial fragrances. The compound is mainly made synthetically and is a precursor to other synthetic compounds. It is a precursor to perfumes, insect pheromones, and pharmaceuticals.

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Methoxyflurane is a halogenated ether that was in clinical use as an volatile inhalational anesthetic from its introduction by Joseph F. Artusio et al in 1960 until around 1974. It was first synthesized in the late 1940s by William T. Miller and his team of chemists following their involvement in the Manhattan Project. It is classified as a halogenated hydrocarbon under the ATC code N01 subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System, but its chemical structure indicates that it is better described as a halogenated ether.

Methyl Formate

Methyl formate is the methyl ester of formic acid. It is a clear liquid with an ethereal odor, high vapor pressure, and low surface tension. It is used primarily to manufacture formamide, dimethylformamide, and formic acid. Because of its high vapor pressure, it is used for quick-drying finishes. It is also used as an insecticide and to manufacture certain pharmaceuticals. It is now used as a blowing agent for foam insulation, as a replacement for CFC, HCFC, or HFCs, with zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential.

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Methylene Blue

Methylene blue is an heterocyclic aromatic chemical compound.It is used to treat ich. It is used as a pathological stain and as a diagnostic aid in the detection of the premature rupture of fetal membranes and to identify separate amniotic sacs in multiple pregnancies. It is used as a biological and bacteriological stain, oxidation-reduction indicator as well.

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