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Nitrocellulose is used as support in diagnostic tests where antigen-antibody binding occur. It is also used as a wound dressing in topical skin applications, such as liquid skin and in the application of salicylic acid, the active ingredient in Compound W wart remover. In addition, it is used in radon tests for alpha track etches. It is used as a medium for cryptographic one-time pads for making the disposal of the pad complete, secure, and efficient. Furthermore, it is used for producing of adhesives which is used to splice Celluloid plastics and gunpowder.

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Nitrofurantoin is an antibiotic. It is usually used in treating urinary tract infection. It is often used against E. coli. Nitrofurantoin is a commonly used drug in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections.

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Oxyphenisatine is a laxative. It has been suggested that it is the laxative component in prunes. Long term use is associated with liver damage, and as a result, it was withdrawn in most countries in the early 1970's.


p-Nitroaniline is an organic chemical compound, consisting of a phenyl group attached to an amino group which is para to a nitro group.It is commonly used as an intermediate in the synthesis of dyes, antioxidants, pharmaceuticals and gasoline, in gum inhibitors, poultry medicines, and as a corrosion inhibitor.

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Para Anisidine

p-Anisidine is used as intermediaries in the production of azo-dyes and pharmaceuticals.

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Pentoxifylline is a drug. It is a xanthine derivative. It is used to treat intermittent claudication resulting from obstructed arteries in the limbs, and vascular dementia. It improves blood flow through peripheral blood vessels and therefore helps with blood circulation in the arms and legs, and the brain. The drug is gaining acceptance for conservative treatment of Peyronie's disease and neuropathic injuries. It also helps prevent strokes and can be used in managing sickle cell disease. It has also been used to treat nausea and headaches in the mountains, and has been shown to reduce mortality in acute alcoholic and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, presumably through its ability to inhibit TNF-alpha. Pentoxifylline's anti-TNF properties indicates it for treatment of alcoholic liver disease. It is also being investigated for the causative treatment of endometriosis.

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Perrottetinene is a naturally occurring cannabinoid compound found in the New Zealand liverwort plant Radula marginata and other species from the Radula genus, along with a number of similar compounds. Its chemical structure closely resembles that of THC, the main active component of marijuana, and it is thought that perrottetinene may also be an active cannabinoid agonist although detailed pharmacological investigation of the compound has yet to be reported. Stereoselective synthesis of perrottinene has also been carried out to investigate the activity of its different enantiomers.

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Phenylbutazone is used as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for the treatment of chronic pain, including the symptoms of arthritis. Its use is limited by such severe side effects as suppression of white blood cell production, aplastic anemia and granulomas.

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Pirinixic Acid

Pirinixic acid is a hypolipidemic drug and a potent agonist of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α (PPAR-α), a member of the PPAR subfamily of the nuclear receptor superfamily of transcription factors.

Polysorbate 20

Polysorbate 20 is a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier derived from polyoxyethylene derivative of sorbitan monolaurate which comes from fruit and berries.It is used as a wetting agent in flavored mouth drops such as Ice Drops, helping to provide the spreading feeling of the other ingredients like SD alcohol and mint flavor,used as a detergent and emulsifier in a number of domestic, scientific, and pharmacological applications.Polysorbate 20 is used as an excipient in pharmaceutical applications to stabilize emulsions and suspensions.It is also used by philatelists to remove stamps from envelopes and to remove residues from stamps, without harming the stamp itself.

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