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3-Bromothiophene is a colorless liquid. It is a precursor to the antibiotic timentin and the vasodilator cetiedil.


3-Hydroxybutanal is an aldol formerly used in medicine as a hypnotic and sedative.


3-Methylpyridine is one of the three isomers of methylpyridine. It is a precursor to pyridine derivatives that have applications in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. It is the main precursor to niacin, one of the B vitamins.

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4-Bromophenetole is a non-irritant used to verify ocular irritability tests.

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4-Ethyl Guaiacol

4-Ethylguaiacol, abbreviated to 4-EG, is a phenolic compound with the molecular formula C9H12O2. It is produced along with 4-ethylphenol (4-EP) in wine and beer by the spoilage yeast Brettanomyces. When it is produced by the yeast to concentrations greater than the sensory threshold of >600 µg/L, it can contribute bacon, spice, clove, or smoky aromas to the wine. On their own these characters can be quite attractive in a wine, however as the compound usually occurs with 4-EP whose aromas can be more aggressing, the presence of the compound often signifies a wine fault. Interestingly the stoichiometric ratio in which 4-EP and 4-EG are present can greatly affected the organoleptic properties of the wine.

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4-Methylaminorex is a stimulant drug of the 2-amino-5-aryloxazoline class.It can be smoked, insufflated or taken orally.It produces long-lasting effects, generally up to 16 hours in duration if taken orally and up to 12 hours if smoked or insufflated.Its effects are stimulant in nature, producing euphoria, an increase in attention, and increased cognition.It is banned in many countries as a stimulant.

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5-Androstenediol is one of two androstenediols, the other being 4-androstenediol. 5-Androstenediol is a direct metabolite of the most abundant steroid produced by the human adrenal cortex, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). 5-Androstenediol is less androgenic than 4-androstenediol, and stimulates the immune system.5-androstenediol can provide a huge benefit by creating big muscles and provide extensive power upon completion of the workout.5-Androstenediol has been shown to exude proficient coritsol blocking and mild estrogen blocking properties. Both properties aid in muscle repair and rapid recovery through muscle rebuilding. 5-Androstenediol supplements can help the tissues recover quickly and build a bigger muscle mass.

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5-Chlorooxindole is used to make selective herbicides. 5-Chlorooxindole and its derivatives are widely used in making perfumes, dyes, agrochemicals and medicines.

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5-Cyanophthalide is the Citalopram Hydrobromide , Escitalopram Oxalate intermediate.

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