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N,N-Dimethyl Acetamide

N,N-Dimethyl acetamide is an organic compound. It is used as a polar solvent in organic chemistry. It is useful as a medium for strong bases such as sodium hydroxide. Dimethylacetamide is commonly used as a solvent for fibers or in the adhesive industry. It is also employed in the production of pharmaceuticals and plasticizers as a reaction medium. It is also used as a booster solvent in coating and adhesive.

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Desvenlafaxine is an antidepressant of the serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor class. It is a synthetic form of the major active metabolite of venlafaxine. It is being targeted as the first non-hormonal based treatment for menopause.

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Pentaerythritol Oleate

Pentaerythritol Oleate is obtained by the reaction of Pentaerythritol with oleic acid.It is used in use as basic oil in lubricants.It also used as intermediates and brightener for electroplating, perfluoro chemicals, electroplating raw materials & equipments.

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Phenylmercuric Nitrate

Phenylmercuric Nitrate is used as a bacterial preservative in pharmaceutical preparations, and as a topical antiseptic.

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Potassium Ferrocyanide

Potassium ferrocyanide is a coordination compound. It can be used as an alternate nitrogen source for plants. It is often used as a gardening technique. Industrially, this complex is used in metal extraction and to make adhesives, computer electronics, fire retardants, cosmetics, dyes, nylon, paints, inks, plexiglass, pharmaceuticals, and rocket propellant. It is also used in low doses in some food preparation. It works as an anti-caking agent and it removes copper from red wine, as copper is used as a fungicide on grapes. In the laboratory, potassium ferrocyanide is used to determine the concentration of potassium permanganate, a compound often used in titrations based on redoxreactions.

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Procaine Hydrochloride

Procaine Hydrochloride is used as a local anesthetic.

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Propyl 4-aminobenzoate

Propyl 4-aminobenzoate is a local anesthetic.

Sodium Dichloroacetate

Sodium dichloroacetate has been shown to have numerous effects on pathways of intermediary metabolism. Experiments have reported the compound to inhibit gluconeogenesis and stimulate peripheral glucose utilization. It has additionally been found to facilitate oxidation of lactate via increase in activity of pyruvate dehydrogenase. This agent also demonstrates the ability to inhibit lipogenesis and cholesterolgenesis as well as its own metabolism. Furthermore, assays have found Sodium dichloroacetate to improve cardiac output and left ventricular mechanical efficiency via facilitation of myocardial metabolism of lactate and carbohydrate as opposed to fat. Other studies suggest that Sodium dichloroacetate may decrease proliferation and induce apoptosis in numerous cancer cell lines.

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Sofosbuvir API CP >99%

Sofosbuvir is in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus(HCV) infection.

Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the oldest forms of testosterone ever made available and is further by-in-large the most popular and commonly used testosterone. Testosterone enanthate heals the damaged cells of the body, thanks to the fact that it increases the activity of satellite cells that promotes healing. Testosterone enanthate has the ability to guard your body against coronary heart disease that comes because of bad cholesterol, by reducing bad cholesterol. Testosterone enanthate is popular among athletes and bodybuilders because promotes protein synthesis leading to muscle hypertrophy and muscle hyperplasia, the two different but equally important processes in muscle growth.

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