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Prilocaine is a local anesthetic of the amino amide type first prepared by Claes Tegner and Nils Lofgren. In its injectable form (trade name Citanest), it is often used in dentistry. It is also often combined with lidocaine as a preparation for dermal anesthesia (lidocaine/prilocaine or EMLA), for treatment of conditions like paresthesia. It is given as a combination with the vasoconstrictor epinephrine under the trade name Citanest Forte.

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Primellose Croscarmellose Sodium

Primellose Croscarmellose Sodium is cross-linked carboxymethylcellulose sodium. It is a white, free flowing powder.Cross-linking of carboxymethyl cellulose fibers reduces water solubility, and the resulting material can take up many times its own weight of water and swell power fully without losing its fibrous integrity.Primellose Croscarmellose Sodium is one of the most effective croscarmellose sodium products available because of the strong swelling force which it develops. Primellose Croscarmellose Sodium is suitable for a variety of tablet and capsule formulations. It is effective in combination with both insoluble filler-binders, such as Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) and dicalciumphosphate and slightly soluble to soluble filler-binders such as mannitol and lactose at concentrations of 2-6%. It is also a choice for formulations which require non-starch products. Primellose Croscarmellose Sodium is effective when used as intra-granular or extra-granular superdisintegrant,or when divided between these locations.

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Primojel Sodium Starch Glycolate

Primojel Sodium Starch Glycolate is produced by cross-linking and carboxy- methylation of potato starch. It is a white, free flowing powder. Primojel Sodium Starch Glycolate takes up more than 20 times its own weight of water. It takes up more water than comparative products on the market and develops a strong disintegrating force making it a highly effective product. Primojel Sodium Starch Glycolate is suitable for a variety of tablet and capsule formulations. In higher concentrations, Primojel can act as a dissolution enhancing agent. Primojel is effective when used as intra-granular or extra-granular super- disintegrant, or when divided between these locations.

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ProGrease 312G2

ProGrease 312G2 lubricant is a food grade NLGI grade 2 grease with alumium thickener complex.

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Probucol is an anti-hyperlipidemic drug initially developed for the treatment of coronary artery disease. However, clinical trials were stopped after it was found that may lower HDL in patients with a previous history of heart disease. It was initially developed in the 1970s by a chemical company to maximize airplane tire longevity.

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Procaine is a local anesthetic drug of the amino ester group. It is used primarily to reduce the pain of intramuscular injection of penicillin, and it was also used in dentistry. It acts mainly by being a sodium channel blocker. It was first synthesized in 1905, shortly after amylocaine, and is the oldest man-made local anesthetic still in clinical use for injection. It was created by the German chemist Alfred Einhorn.

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Procaine Hydrochloride

Procaine Hydrochloride is used as a local anesthetic.

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Procaterol is a short-acting β2-adrenergic receptor agonist used for the treatment of asthma. It has never been filed for FDA evaluation in the United States, where it is not marketed. The drug is readily oxidated in the presence of moisture and air, making it unsuitable for therapeutic use by inhalation.

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Prochlorperazine is a dopamine receptor antagonist that belongs to the phenothiazine class of antipsychotic agents that are used for the antiemetic treatment of nausea and vertigo. It is also a highly-potent typical antipsychotic, 10-20x more potent than chlorpromazine. It is also used to treat migraine headaches. Intravenous administration can be used to treat status migrainosus.

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