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Methyl Salicylate

Methyl salicylate is a natural product of many species of plants. It is used as a rubefacient in deep heating liniments, and in small amounts as a flavoring agent. It is also used to provide fragrance to various products and as an odor-masking agent for some organophosphate pesticides. If applied in too high quantities it can cause stomach and kidney problems. It is used as a mint in some kinds of chewing gum and candy, as an alternative to the more common peppermint and spearmint oils. It can also be used as a transfer agent, to produce a manual copy of an image on a surface. It is one of several antiseptic ingredients in Listerine mouthwash.

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Milrinone Lactate

Milrinone Lactate injection, is a member of a class of bipyridine inotropic/vasodilator agents with phosphodiesterase inhibitor activity, distinct from digitalis glycosides or catecholamines. PRIMACOR (milrinone lactate) is designated chemically as 1,6-dihydro-2-methyl-6-oxo-[3,4'-bipyridine]-5-carbonitrile lactate .

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Mycophenolic Acid

Mycophenolic acid is an immunosuppressant drug used to prevent rejection in organ transplantation. It was initially marketed as the prodrug mycophenolate mofetil to improve oral bioavailability. More recently, the salt mycophenolate sodium has also been introduced.

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Myverol 18-04K NF

Myverol 18-04K NF is a distilled monoglyceride prepared from kosher palm feedstock and glycerol. It consists of monglycerides of saturated fatty acids, chiefly glyceryl monostearate and glyceryl monopalmitate. The product conforms to the current NF Monograph for Glyceryl Monostearate.

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N-Acetylcarnosine is a naturally occurring compound chemically related to the dipeptide carnosine. The acetylation makes N-Acetylcarnosine more resistant to degradation by carnosinase, an enzyme that breaks down carnosine to its constituent amino acids, beta-alanine and histidine. It is particularly active against lipid peroxidation in the different parts of the lens in the eye. It is the active ingredient of eye drops used in order to prevent or treat cataracts.

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N-Methylephedrine is a sympathomimetic amine, is ingredient of many over-the-counter cold medications. It is a stimulant found in the Khat plant, Catha edulis, which can easily be synthesized from pseudoephedrine. It is one of many alkaloid contained in ephedra and has sympathetic nerve stimulant action.

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N-Methylformamide is a organic compound. It is mainly used as a reagent in various organic syntheses with limited applications as a highly polar solvent. N-Methylformamide is the precursor to methyl isocyanide, a ligand in coordination chemistry and an intermediate in the production of some pharmaceutical compounds.

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Naphthalene Crude

Naphthalene is also used in the synthesis of 2-naphthol, a precursor for various dyestuffs, pigments, rubber processing chemicals and other miscellaneous chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Naphthalene sulfonic acids are used in the manufacture of naphthalene sulfonate polymer plasticizers (dispersants) which are used to produce concrete and plasterboard (wallboard or drywall). They are also used as dispersants in synthetic and natural rubbers, and as tanningagents (syntans) in leather industries, agricultural formulations (dispersants for pesticides), dyes and as a dispersant in Lead-acid batteryplates.

Otilonium Bromide

Otilonium bromide is an antimuscarinic. It is used to relieve spasmodic pain of the gut especially irritable bowel syndrome and is sold under the trade name Spasmoctyl 40, and as Doralin in Greece.

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Para Anisaldehyde

Anisaldehyde is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of other compounds important in pharmaceuticals and perfumery, particularly ortho-anisaldehyde, which has a scent of licorice. A solution of para-anisaldehyde in acid and ethanol is frequently used to stain thin layer chromatography plates.

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