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2,3-Dideoxyuridine is used as pharma intermediate.

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2,6-Dinitrotoluene is mainly used for synthesis of medicine, dyes, paints and other fine chemicals.

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2-Aminoethanethiol is the simplest stable aminothiol and a degradation product of the amino acidcysteine. It can also be prepared by the reaction of ethylenimine with hydrogen sulfide. It is often used as the hydrochloride salt. It is also used for treatment of radiation sickness.2-Aminoethanethiol is used in the body to form the essential biochemical coenzyme A by combining with pantothenate and adenosine triphosphate.

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2-Iodobenzoic Acid

2-Iodobenzoic acid is a starting material for the preparation of iodosobenzoate, useful oxidants which performs the synthesis of carbonyl compounds. It is used as anti-infective, contraceptive agent and x-ray contrast medium for diagnostic radiology.

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2-Methylresorcinol is used as a component of hair dyes, anti-dandruff agent in shampoo and sunscreen cosmetics. It is also used as a chemical intermediate to synthesis pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds.

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3-Methylpiperidine is used as raw material for hardener of epoxy resins, corrosion inhibitors, insecticides, accelerators for rubber, urethane catalysts, antioxidants and as a catalyst for silicone esters. It is also used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

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3-picoline-N-oxide is made from Beta-Picoline, one of our main products.3-picoline-N-oxide primary use is in a commerical blockbuster antihistamine and also used in the development of other pharmaceuticals.

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4-Aminoacetanilide is mainly used in producing dyes and pharmaceutical intermediate.

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4-Chlororesorcinol can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates and hair dye intermediate. It can also be used in semi-permanent & permanent hair colors for cosmetic.

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