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Strontium Ranelate

Strontium ranelate, a strontium(II) salt of ranelic acid, is a medication. Strontium ranelate stimulates the calcium sensing receptors and leads to the differentiation of pre-osteoblast to osteoblast which increases the bone formation. Strontium ranelate also stimulates osteoblasts to secrete osteoprotegerin in inhibiting osteoclasts formed from pre-osteoclasts in relation to the RANKL system, which leads to the decrease of bone resorption.Strontium ranelate is registered as a prescription drug in more than 70 countries for the treatment of post-menopausal osteoporosis to reduce the risk of vertebral and hip fractures.

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Trichlormethiazide is a diuretic with properties similar to those of hydrochlorothiazide. It is usually administered for the treatment of oedema and hypertension. In veterinary medicine, trichlormethiazide can be combined with dexamethasone to be used on horses with mild swelling of distal limbs and general bruising.

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Triethylenediamine is the adduct of a benzoic acid derivative. It is a polyurethane and Baylis-Hillman reaction catalyst, complexing ligand and Lewis base.It is used as catalyst in making urethane foams,polyurethane coatings.It is also used for soft and rigid foams.

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Trimethylphosphate is the trimethyl ester of phosphoric acid.Trimethyl phosphate is a methylating agent for nitrogen heterocyclic compounds. It is used as a color inhibitor for fibers and other polymers.It is also used as a solvent for aromatic halogenations and nitrations and for pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

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Vecuronium Bromide

Vecuronium Bromide is a nonpolarizing neuromuscular relaxant. Vecuronium Bromide is indicated as an adjunct to general anesthesia, to facilitate endotracheal intubation and to provide skeletal muscle relaxation during surgery or mechanical ventilation.

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A colorless liquid with a pungent odor. Flash point 118°F. Insoluble in water and denser than water. Hence, sinks in water. Very toxic by ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption. A lachrymator. Used to make other chemicals and as a fumigant.

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Dextropropoxyphene is an analgesic in the opioid category. It is intended to treat mild pain and has, in addition, anti-tussive and local anesthetic effects.

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